Vastu Colors for Home

Vastu Colors for Home

Have you ever experienced a rush of happiness whenever you enter a colorful place? While some colors give a positive vibe, some colors tend to arouse negative feelings. This is why you must first learn about the Vastu colors for home and only then paint your house in accordance with these colors. 

Different colors deeply impact the psyche of a person and our home is the place where we spend the majority of our time. By choosing the right colors you can ensure that you and your loved ones spend a peaceful and healthy life.

Why are Vastu colors for home so important?

Colors affect the emotions and thought process of a person and have a lasting impact on their mental and physical health. For instance, if you put a person who is suffering from depression in a dark-colored room then it would aggravate their melancholy and increase their depression. 

But if you make that person sit in a room that has lively and vibrant colors, then it would lessen their melancholy and inspire them to come out of depression and enjoy their life. This positivity of colors helps us deal with the stressful situations of our everyday life and enhance our well-being. Therefore, we must never devalue the importance of colors. 

What are the different Vastu colors for home?

The different colors represent different emotions and influence the different aspects of life. Let us discuss what Vastu colors for home can do for the well-being of our family:

  1. Blue - The blue color signifies water and sky. The color represents tranquility, peace, and satisfaction and is therefore, best suited to paint the master bedroom of the house. The healing effects of the lighter shades of blue can have a lasting impact on your health. It is better to paint a large area with this color and not the smaller rooms. Do not use too much of this color as it may lead to cough, cold and sinus problems. 

  2. White - The white color represents serenity, purity, and innocence. Painting a room with this color gives a feeling of luxury. It forms an intimate connection with those living in the house and promotes privacy. You must paint all the ceilings with this color but do not use it in excess as that will make you extremely self-centered. 

  3. Red - Red is an extremely powerful and bold color that stands for passion, bravery, and warmth. It is often used to paint the living room in order to energize it and make it more lively. But those who suffer from depression or nervous breakdowns must avoid this color as it may create stress for them. 

  4. Green - The green color stands for growth, fertility, prosperity, and positivity. It is said to be a color that soothes the senses of an individual and reduces stress and anxiety. It works best for those who are short-tempered as it makes them calm and composed. 

  5. Yellow - Yellow color signifies happiness, optimism, intelligence, and stability. It has a broadening characteristic and therefore, it is apt to use this color for smaller rooms as it will make them look spacious. This color can infuse positive vibes in the room and help you improve your behavioral aspects. 

  6. Violet - Violet stands for contentment, spirituality, and tranquility. This color will help you make better decisions in life and connect you to the divine consciousness. It is best to paint the pooja room, kids’ bedroom and study room with this color. 

  7. Orange - The orange color represents good health, comfort, and perseverance. This color helps to deal with difficult situations when you face the challenges that life throws at you. It also motivates you to put all your efforts to achieve your goals. 

There are many other colors that can have different effects on the psyche of an individual. Also, the different sections of the house must have different colors as per the directions of these sections. You can consult a Vastu expert to discuss these things and get a detailed analysis of the Vastu colors that will bring positivity to your home.

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