Vastu for Marriage Life

Vastu for Marriage Life

Marriage is a divine bond that ties two different people together. Be it an arranged marriage or a loved one, the feeling of being cared for and respected for what you are is just unmatchable. But unfortunately, there are many couples who are unable to experience the bliss of marriage. The reason could be that they have not followed the Vastu for a happy married life. 

Everyone wants to have a peaceful and contented married life. But there are certain obstacles that can hamper the smooth functioning of a marriage and therefore, these must be taken care of well in advance. Vastu Shastra suggests certain tips that can be followed to get rid of the hindrances that block your way to experience a blissful marriage. 

What is the significance of Vastu for happy marriages?

It is often said that “marriages are made in heaven”, but what people do not tell is that it must be sustained on earth. Therefore, every married couple is given a proper living space in order to provide them privacy. And since every place is governed by the rules of Vastu Shastra, it is very important to apply the Vastu guidelines for married life to make your marriage a successful one. 

The cosmic energies have a deep and lasting impact on the married couples and therefore, they must live in harmony with each other. They need to make certain adjustments to deal with the nature of their partner to make their marriage peaceful and content. 

It is best to not indulge in fights over petty matters as it would disturb the balance of the five elements and attract the negative energies. The Vastu tips for a happy married life helps in maintaining this balance and get rid of the negativity that often ends up in divorce or separation. 

What are the Vastu tips that lead to a successful marriage?

To form an unbreakable bond of love and add joy to your life by being a part of a happy marriage, you must follow the following Vastu tips that will strengthen your bond with your loved one:

  1. Location of the bedroom - A married couple must be given a bedroom that is constructed in the South-west or North-west direction of the house. 

  2. Direction of the bed - The bed must be placed in such a manner that the husband and wife sleep with their head pointing towards the south direction as it would enhance the free flow of positive energy through the north direction.

  3. Use wooden furniture - A couple’s room must be filled with furniture made of wood only. The bed, the dressing table, study table, etc. - everything must be made of wood and glass and metallic stuff must be avoided. 

  4. Use a single mattress - A couple must sleep on a single mattress as it represents the oneness in thoughts and feelings. It promotes love and brings positivity in their marital life. 

  5. Keep the bedroom stress-free - Stress is a major threat to the harmony of a married couple. It often spoils the relationship and leads to separation and divorce. Therefore, the couple must give ample time to each other and never let stress hamper their marital bond. 

  6. Use light colors - The bedroom of a couple must be painted with light and soothing shades of pink, green and blue. Avoid dark colors at all costs as they attract the negative energies and create obstacles in the married life of a couple. 

  7. No beams please - The couple’s bed must never be put under a beam as it may harm their relationship as well as their health as it breaks the connection with the divine consciousness and invites negativity and suffering. 

  8. Avoid mirrors - Keeping mirrors in the bedroom lead to quarrels and arguments between the couple as they attract evil powers. Therefore, you must keep a mirror away from the bed and cover it with a cloth during night time. 

  9. Decor of the room - A couple’s room must be adorned with their family photographs and couple photographs that bring a smile on their faces as they relive those happy moments. 

  10. Say no to electronic devices - Avoid keeping any electronic gadgets in the bedroom such as television, laptop, mobile phones, etc. If that is not possible, then you must keep them away from the bed. The electromagnetic rays of the gadget are very harmful for health and can also lead to tension between the couple. 

These Vastu tips can add color to your married life and spark up your bonding. In case you are suffering from serious troubles in your relationship, you can consult a Vastu expert who will provide you personalized solutions that can help you make your marriage blissful and tranquil.

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