Vastu for Positive Energy

Vastu for Positive Energy

Your home is the place where you return after a tiring day that you have spent facing the challenges of the outside world. But what will happen if you find out that your heavenly home has turned into a hellish place? Your whole world will shatter around you and you will have no option but to watch helplessly. But wait, applying the principles of Vastu for positive energy can save you from facing this living nightmare. 

The 21st century has brought with it many problems that often end up interfering with your peaceful existence. In today’s world, you face a lot of problems that result in stress, anxiety, and tension. To save yourself and your family members from the negativity of the world, you must charge your home with positive energy by following the principles of Vastu Shastra.

What is the importance of Vastu for positive energy?

The universe holds within it, positive and negative energies and both can have a deep and lasting impact on you. Vastu helps you attract positive energies and avoid the negative energies so that you live a calm, peaceful and prosperous life. 

As per Vastu Shastra, the design and layout of a house plays an important role in boosting up its positive energies. The positivity that radiates from the house affects the individuals who reside there and makes them happy and healthy. Thus, correct Vastu principles can ensure that the positive energy it creates, recharges the inmates of the house and prepares them to face all the challenges that life throws at them. 

What are the Vastu tips that invite positive energy?

It is very important to live in a positive and healthy environment as it directly affects your growth and development. By applying the following Vastu tips, you can ensure that your house remains filled with positive energy at all times:

  1. The Main entrance - Your main door must be in the North-east or North-west direction. Do not keep trash outside the main entrance of the house.  Also, do not place any heavy object near the main door as it hampers the flow of energy. 
  2. Kitchen - The kitchen must be constructed in the South-East direction only as it is believed to be the direction of Lord Agni, the lord of fire. 
  3. Beams - As per Vastu Shastra, sitting under beams can break the connection that we share with the divine source of energy and therefore, one must not place any furniture under a beam such as bed, study table, etc.  
  4. Washrooms - The washrooms must not be built under the stairs or in the North-east direction as it has a negative impact on the health of the family and also brings a downfall in finances. 
  5. Pooja room - Do not construct huge pooja rooms and never make a pooja room in the bedroom. If this cannot be changed, then cover it with a cloth during night time. Also, do not make a pooja room under the stairs. 
  6. Choice of furniture - Always use regular shaped furniture that do not have sharp edges. Also, choose the regular brown color and avoid using grey, black and red colors for furnishing the house. 
  7. Paintings - Always put positive pictures such as nature sceneries, positive thoughts in the house. Also, do not use any war paintings or poverty images as this will attract negativity. 
  8. Home Decor - Use appropriate Vastu colors to paint the walls to invite the positive energies into your house. Also, use air fresheners and light camphor and incense sticks to create a soothing atmosphere. 
  9. Early morning positivity - The early morning hours are said to be the most effective to infuse positivity into the house and charge it with positive energy by opening the windows so that sunlight enters the house along with fresh air and by playing some divine music that will make a good start for your day. 
  10. Clean the clutter - Piling up things that are no longer in use can bring about a lot of negativity in the house. Therefore, you must clean it regularly and declutter it so that it paves the way for positive energy. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are many other Vastu for positive energy guidelines that can help you create a soothing and peaceful environment for your home. You can consult a Vastu expert to get personalized solutions that will bring positivity to your house from all sides.

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