Vastu for New House

Vastu for New House

Are you planning to buy a new house? Do you want to make it the best place to live in? Then check out what Vastu for a new house has in store for you and how you can make your abode a heaven on earth. 

The ancient science of Vastu Shastra says that the designing and layout of a house is the most important thing that can bring good luck and positive vibrations to the house and its residents. It creates harmony between those who dwell there and thus, gives way for a peaceful and happy life

Is Vastu For A New House Really Important?

By all means, it is! Like how would you feel if you return home after a tiring day at work and then face the disputes and conflicts among your family. You will regret that you came back to this hell of a place. Now, who would like to feel that about their own home?

Buying a new house is something that you do not do every other day. It can be counted as one of the biggest achievements of a common man and therefore, you must check the Vastu for a new house before making the final decision to buy it. After all, there’s no harm in giving it a try if it is something that can save you from the daily tribulations of life. 

It is said that the positioning of certain things in a house can lead to the creation of positive and negative energies. A Vastu-compliant house ensures that these energies are balanced out in such a manner that it increases the flow of positivity in your home and brings peace and abundance to you and your family. 

What Are The Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying A New House?

To ensure that your house becomes the perfect home, you must check out the things that would make it a Vastu-compliant house. Here is a list of Vastu guidelines that you must follow before taking the ultimate decision of buying a new house:

  1. Direction of the construction - In case you plan to buy a plot and then build a house on it, then you must check that the north or the north-east side of the plot is open and the construction must be done in the south or south-east side. 

  2. Entry of the home - A house must be entered from the north-east direction. The main door is very important as it is the place that brings in the negative or positive energies in the house. It must be in the suggested directions to protect the home against monetary losses, sickness, and disharmony among the residents. Also, it must open in a clockwise direction. 

  3. Location of the bedroom - The bedrooms must be in the south-west part of the house. 

  4. Building material - The material used for the construction of the house must be new and absolutely unused as it is said to bring the negative forces of the place that has already been built with it. 

  5. Location of the bathrooms - The bathrooms must not be near the main door of the house. Ensure that the wall of the bathroom does not share the wall of the kitchen or the prayer room. 

  6. Avoid arch-shaped windows and doors - You must not choose arch-shaped windows and doors for your house as they hamper the flow of positive energy and obstructs its entry into the house. 

  7. Location of the temple - It is important that you assign a place for prayer and meditation as it would enhance your spirituality and help you attain peace and contentment. Even if you do not believe in God, you must keep a place for the Supreme Power that controls the cosmic energy as it would enhance the flow of positivity in your house. It must be in the north, north-east or east zone of your house. 

  8. Avoid spiral staircases - You must ensure that the staircases in your house are not spiral as these represent a corkscrew that would create unending troubles in your life. It is best to keep a simple staircase with a single twist that would lead you to your destination with just a single break. 

  9. Location of the kitchen - The kitchen must be in the south-east section so that it invites abundance and you never run out of food no matter what. The south-east section of the house is governed by the element of fire and is, therefore, the best place to build a kitchen

  10. Location of the balcony - The balcony must be in the northern or eastern part of the house that provides constant sunlight all through the day. It must keep the house lit and must be spacious enough to sit and relax in a peaceful environment. 

You must ensure that you buy a house that is surrounded by a lot of greenery as the more natural surroundings you have, the more is the chance of attracting positive energy. You can also consult a Vastu expert to get a proper blueprint made for your house and ensure that you get the best advice to fulfill your desire of building an ideal home.

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