Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu for Kitchen

Can you imagine your life without good food? Of course not. After all, it is the food that nourishes your body and contributes to your well-being. And the kitchen is the place where it is prepared. This is why Vastu for kitchen is important as this is the place from where you get the meal that helps you survive and develop at the same time. 

It is said that the food that we eat passes the negativity or positivity of the person preparing it. Therefore, it is very important that the one who cooks the food must feel good while preparing it so as to pass only the positive vibes to others. 

But what will happen if the cook feels depressed and uncomfortable as an aftereffect of the wrong Vastu for the kitchen? Everything will be spoiled. So, to avoid these things it is essential that you take special care to make your kitchen Vastu compliant because the food we eat makes us the person we are. 

Why is It Important To Do Vastu for The Kitchen?

Kitchen is a fundamental part of every household that represents the element of fire. The food is prepared with the help of fire and a similar kind of fire is ignited in our body when we consume that food so as to start the digestion process. 

But have you ever wondered what happens when this fire gets out of control? It destroys everything within its reach and the losses are often irreversible. Vastu for kitchen helps in the enhancement of the fire element to brighten the financial prospects of the house inmates and also enlightens them to choose the path of success. 

Vastu for the kitchen rekindles the burning desire in a person and helps them achieve their goals with zest and passion. It makes them healthy and confident individuals and fuses positivity into their beings. Therefore, it is majorly responsible to bring riches, respect, and mental peace to those who dwell in the house.

What Are The Vastu for Kitchen Guidelines?

All the delicacies come from the kitchen of your house and you must ensure that the food that you eat makes you healthy, prosperous and peaceful. Therefore, you must take heed to certain guidelines that can make your kitchen a Vastu compliant one. Here is a list of these guidelines:

  1. Location of the kitchen - As the Lord of Fire Agni rules over the South-east direction, the kitchen must be constructed in that direction. It can also be constructed in the North-west direction but the north, south-west, and north-east directions must be strictly avoided as it may lead to family disputes. 

  2. Entrance of the kitchen - The kitchen door must never be opposite to the toilet door as it will bring all the negativity of the toilet to the kitchen and will harm the health and mental peace of the people residing in the house.

  3. Direction while cooking - To bring positivity in the kitchen, you must face the East direction while cooking and place the items that represent fire such as microwave, oven, gas stoves, etc. in the south-east portion of the kitchen. 

  4. Placement of sinks - The water sinks and taps must be placed in the North-east direction at a proper distance from the gas stove in order to maintain the balance between the elements of fire and water. 

  5. Location of windows - The windows must be placed on the eastern side of the kitchen along with the exhaust fan while the ventilators must be set up in the south of the kitchen. 

  6. Placement of the storage cupboards - Make sure that you install the storage cupboards on the southern or the western wall of the kitchen as it will invite prosperity and bless you with a continuous supply of goods (grains, crockery, food items, etc.). 

  7. Location of the refrigerator - The south-west direction is the most appropriate for the placement of the refrigerator as it helps in overcoming the hindrances that may hamper the smooth functioning of your life and also enhance the positivity of the kitchen. 

  8. Colors of the kitchen - The kitchen must never be painted black as this color attracts negativity and thus, it can harm the peaceful environment of your kitchen. It is best to choose light and vibrant hues for your kitchen such as yellow, green, orange, red, etc. 

  9. Placement of the drinking water vessels - The earthen pots, filters or RO purifiers must be placed in the north-east direction of the kitchen.

  10. Floor of the kitchen - The kitchen must be floored with marble, mosaic or ceramic tiles and the wooden flooring must be strictly avoided. 

To know more about the Vastu tips that can make your kitchen a source of happiness and not destruction, you must consult a Vastu expert who can help you with the blueprint of your kitchen so that you lead a healthy and happy life.


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