Vastu for Guest Room

Vastu for Guest Room

We all love to invite people to our house - be it a birthday party, a reunion with friends or a simple get together with family. But there are times when your guests depart from your place with a heavy heart. This might be a result of the defective Vastu for the guest room. 

A guest room is the place in our house that we keep aside for the guests who visit us time and again. This room reflects our hospitality and therefore, special attention must be paid to the designing and layout of this room and it must be in accordance with the principles of Vastu Shastra. 

What makes Vastu for a guest room so important?

You all must have heard the old saying - “Atithi Devo Bhava” - which means that guests are equivalent to Gods who visit our place and therefore, must be treated with dignity and respect. By designing the guest room as per the guidelines of Vastu, you can ensure that you become an admirable host for your guests and they always leave your home feeling happy and content. 

The correct Vastu ensures that your guests have a comfortable and peaceful stay at your home. This will inspire them to visit your place again and again and thus, you will gain the reputation of being an excellent host. We are also visited by uninvited guests that often create trouble for us. A Vastu compliant guest room comes to our rescue when we need to get rid of troublesome guests as it makes the duration of the stay as short as possible.

How can you make your guest room Vastu compliant?

Just like the other rooms of the house, it is important to follow the guidelines of Vastu to construct a guest room that provides a warm stay for your guests. It also ensures that your guests do not hamper the smooth functioning of your household by thrusting their opinions and interfering with your personal matters. 

 Some of the most important Vastu tips for the guest room are discussed below:

  1. Location of the guest room - The guest room must be built in the north-west corner of your home as this is the most unstable area that must not be used regularly. It must never be built in the southwest direction as this area is meant only for the head of the family. 

  2. Entrance of the guest room - The entry door of the can be placed in the North-East, North-west or South-East direction of the room. 

  3. Placement of the bed - The bed must be placed in the South-west portion of the room and it must be ensured that the guest sleeps with his head pointing towards the South. Also, the bed must not be placed under a beam. 

  4. Location of the bathroom - Providing an attached bathroom or a separate one depends upon you as the host. As per Vastu, both the choices are acceptable. The only thing that must be kept in mind in the case of an attached bathroom is that the bed must not be placed opposite the door of the bathroom. 

  5. Placement of electronic items - The electronic items such as television, computer, etc.  must be kept in the southeast corner of the room as it will bring peace and harmony to the guests who reside in that room. 

  6. Location of the cabinets/almirahs - The cabinets must be made on the west, south or south-west wall of the guest room. It gives an organized outlook to the room and provides a place for the guests to keep their belongings. 

  7. Colors of the guest room - The guest room shows the taste and nature of the host and therefore, you must choose serene and soothing shades for a guestroom such as green, white and blue. Avoid dark colors as they attract negativity and disturb the mental peace of your guests. 

  8. Lighting of the guest room - A guest room must be well-lit so as to brighten the stay of your guests and make them happy and cheerful. Vibrant lights are the most preferred lights that can be used to make the guest room beautiful and beam lights must be avoided as it is very difficult to see in those lights. 

  9. Decor of the guest room - The walls of the guest room must be adorned with the pictures of racing bikes, flying birds, beautiful flowers and nature scenes as they enhance the possibilities of a short and happy stay. Also, a vase with fresh flowers and a windchime in the northwest window will give a pleasant outlook to the room. 

  10. Cleanliness - The guests are compared to Gods and therefore, we must keep the guest room clean at all times. A regular cleaning of the room ensures that no negativity makes its way into that room and keeps it ever ready to take in a new guest. 

Thus, we may conclude that the principles of Vastu must be followed while constructing a guest room so that your guests have a happy and comfortable stay at your place. If you want to get more suggestions regarding the Vastu for a guest room, then you must contact a Vastu expert who will answer all your queries.

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