Vastu for Study Room

Vastu for Study Room

Have you ever felt that you are unable to concentrate on your studies even when you love your subject? Even after doing intense hard work, you are not able to obtain good marks? This sudden downfall might be a result of the wrong Vastu of your study room. 

Studies are an integral part of our life and we all go through a phase where studying forms the most essential component of our day. It is said that learning never ends but the studying phase is the most crucial one where we need to focus all our attention on the subject that we pursue. 

Therefore, Vastu for study room is very important to form a sphere of positive vibrations around the student and enhance their intelligence and concentration. This would enable them to work diligently and help them make their dreams come true. 

Why is Vastu for The Study Room so Important?

A study room is a place where you get a peaceful environment to study with a calm and composed mind. Studying requires a lot of attention and a proper study room is the one that helps in the enhancement of your grasping abilities. 

If a study room has Vastu defects then it would create such negative energies around the student that will find it very difficult to focus upon their studies. This will make them confused and weaken their memory to a great extent. 

This negativity will reflect in their scores as well and may also lead to frustration, stress and health issues. Vastu for study room is done to avoid all these problems and provide a peaceful atmosphere to enhance the learning of a person. 

How Does Vastu for the Study Room Make a Difference to Your Studies?

As per Vastu Shastra, there are certain Vastu tips for making your study room a better place that will help you overcome the difficulties in reading, writing and understanding a particular subject. Here are some of these Vastu tips:

  1. Location of the study room - The study room must be constructed in the west, east or northeast portion of the house. Make sure that the room is spacious and not crammed with stuff because this will reflect in the studies of the student as well. All the topics will be crammed into their brain and they would not be able to comprehend each topic in a clear and concise manner. 
  2. Direction while studying  - The students must be facing the North or East direction while studying as it will enhance concentration levels. 
  3. Placement of the study table - Avoid placing the study table under a beam as it obstructs the flow of cosmic energy into the room and thus, hampers the concentration of the student. 
  4. Shape of the study table - The study table must always be in a square or rectangular shape and it must not have sharp edges as that may give rise to negativity and thus, make it difficult for the student to understand the subject. 
  5. Lighting of the study room - It is essential for a study room to be well-lit as this will help the student to study properly. Also, they should not face a window or a blank wall while studying. 
  6. Placement of the bookshelves - The bookshelf must be constructed on the Western or Southern wall of the study room and it should not be placed above the study table. Also, the books must be kept in an orderly manner and not in a heap.
  7. Colors for the study room - The study room walls must be painted with light colors that can have a soothing effect on the students. Dark colors must be strictly avoided as they attract the negative energies and disturb the study process.
  8. Decor of the study room - The study room must be decorated with pictures that depict nature such as flowing waters, flora and fauna, forests, mountains, etc., as this would boost up their creativity and help them get new ideas to work upon. 
  9. Avoid toilets - A study room must not have a toilet attached to it as the negative energies that emerge from the toilet can deeply impact the studies of a person and may lead to a decrease in their concentration level. 
  10. Keep a pyramid for universal energy - A pyramid-shaped object (preferably a crystal pyramid) must be kept near the study table as it is said that it connects with the cosmic powers and attracts universal energy. In this way, it enhances the retaining power of a student and sharpens their memory as well. 

These Vastu guidelines can help you give your best shot at studies and ensure that you excel at every subject that you pursue. To get a detailed and personalized blueprint for your study room, you must contact an expert Vastu consultant who will provide you a proper analysis based on your individual requirements.

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