Vastu for Dining Room

Vastu for Dining Room

You all must have heard the common saying that “what we eat is what we become.” Food is a major component of our lives and plays a vital role in our survival as well. Did you know that this food and the area where we eat is also responsible for maintaining peace and harmony at our home? This is the very reason that people often opt for Vastu for dining room as well.

The dining room is the place where a family usually gathers to eat their meals and have a discussion about their day. It is said that eating together strengthens the bond between family members and keeps quarrels and disagreements at bay. Therefore, you must design your dining room as per the guidance of a Vastu expert. 

What makes Vastu for a dining room so important?

The design and layout of the dining room plays a very important role in creating a positive dining environment. The dining room is a kind of platform where the members of the family come together in support of each other, listen to one another and take a unanimous decision with regards to family matters. 

If your dining room is not Vastu compliant, then this cheerful place may soon turn into a battleground, giving rise to numerous family discords. Also, it will make the place dull, depressing and unlucky due to the negativity that is attracted by a dining room that is not designed as per the norms of Vastu Shastra. 

What are the Vastu tips that must be followed to make an excellent dining room?

There are certain essential Vastu factors that must be taken into consideration while undertaking the construction of a dining room in order to bring prosperity and good luck for the inmates of the house. Some of these Vastu tips are as follows:

  1. Location of the dining room - The best area for constructing a dining room is the west portion of the house. If that section is not available, then one may choose the North or East sections of the house as well but the southern part must never be considered for this purpose. 

  2. Spacious and comfortable - The dining room must be extremely spacious so that it allows the free flow of positive energy from the cosmos and makes every person to have their meal in a comfortable position. 

  3. Near the kitchen - The dining area must be built near the kitchen so that the positivity of the food is not hindered by the negativity that might be present in other parts of the house. If you are planning to build different floors, then make sure that the kitchen and dining room are constructed on the same floor. 

  4. Entrance of the dining room - The entry door must be installed on the Eastern, Western or Northern walls of the room and never on the Southern wall. Also, do ensure that the door of the dining room does not face the main entrance because the negative vibes from the outside world will directly hamper the peaceful environment of the dining room.

  5. Colors of the dining area - The dining area must represent a cheerful and happy atmosphere and therefore, it must be painted with a combination of soothing and bright colors such as orange, cream, pink, yellow and off-white. 

  6. Decorating the dining room - The dining room must be decorated with pictures of delicious food items to enrich the dining experience. Also, nature paintings can be used to adorn the walls of the dining room as it may provide a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for the family members. 

  7. Placement of the dining table - The dining table must be placed in the South-west corner of the room but it must not touch the wall. You can also put it in the center of the room.  Also, it must never be placed under a beam as it breaks the connection between the inner consciousness and the divine energy. 

  8. Shape of the dining table - Square or rectangular shape is considered to be the best for a dining table as it depicts clarity and transparency within the family. Oval or circular shapes are not preferred as they represent some kind of discrepancy within the family members. 

  9. Avoid antique dining tables - As per Vastu Shastra, an antique dining table is meant for a museum and not for a house as it encourages orthodoxy and creates a gap between the thinking of the younger and older generations. Thus, it makes it difficult for the parents to understand the viewpoints of their children and vice versa. 

  10. Direction to be faced while eating - The direction that you face while dining plays a very crucial role in the development of the family dynamics. The head of the family must always face the east direction to keep the family situation under control. The south-west corner must be avoided by children as eating in this part may make them disobedient and rebellious. The other members can face the East, West or North direction, but the South direction must be avoided at all times as it creates tremendous family disputes that lead to the separation of the family members. 

These tips can bring wealth and success to your doors and enhance your bond with your family. To get professional help on the matter, you can also consult a Vastu expert who will guide you through more Vastu tips for the dining room and help you with a proper blueprint for your dining room.

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