Vastu for Shop

Vastu for Shop

You must have seen a shop that is always crowded with people and its supplies are in a continuous demand in the marketplace. Whereas another shop with the same supplies and the same pricing might not be doing very well and the owner struggles to make the two ends meet. The difference might lie in the application of the principles of Vastu for a shop. 

Setting a shop is almost equivalent to establishing a business and therefore, it takes a lot of brainstorming and crucial decision making to come to the final conclusion of investing in a shop. While we make all the calculations regarding the type of shop and the supplies that we need to deal with, we miss out on a very important aspect of running a productive business - we forget to do the Vastu for a shop - an aspect that can provide huge amounts of profit. 

What Importance Does Vastu for Shop Holds?

In today’s marketplace, the shopkeepers are facing huge competition and therefore, they put every possible effort to make their customers happy. Although the salesmanship skills and the attitude of the shop owners do make a difference in the success of a shop, Vastu is a major entity that can boost up the economic growth of the shop. 

A Vastu compliant shop is constructed in accordance with a proper design and layout that invites the positive energies of the universe that lead to the flourishing of the business and helps the owners gain monetary profits as well as fame and fortune by impressing the customers who come to their shop. Therefore, it is extremely essential to get the Vastu for your shop done in order to make it a huge success in the marketplace. 

How Can You Make Your Shop Vastu Compliant?

A successful business is something that we all strive for and when it is accompanied by huge monetary profits, it completes the picture as a cherry on the cake. It will make you happier than ever but is it so easy to turn the tide in your favor and make your shop an all-time favorite with the customers? 

There are certain measures that must be taken to ensure that your shop brings you good luck, fortune, peace, and growth. You must incorporate the following Vastu tips to increase the profits of your shop manifolds:

  1. Site of the shop - The plot on which the shop is to be built must be in a square or rectangular shape and not in an irregular shape as it may hinder the growth of the business. 

  2. Entrance of the shop - The entry gate of the shop plays a very significant role as this is the place from where the customer enters. The entrance must be in the North-east or east direction of the shop and must not be obstructed by a tree, electric pole or anything else. 

  3. Direction faced by the owner - The shop owner must be facing the North or East direction as it would bring an immense amount of profit to the shop. 

  4. Placement of the idols of Laxmi and Ganesh - You must place these idols in the North-East corner of the shop so as to bring good luck and prosperity to the owner and the employees. 

  5. Location of the cash counter - The cash counter must be opened in the North direction and must be in an angular shape and not in a curved shape. Also, the locker must never be kept empty. Even if the shop is newly opened the owner must keep some money in it as it is believed that wealth attracts wealth. 

  6. Placement of electronic items - The electronic items such as television, computer, etc, must be placed in the South-east portion of the shop. 

  7. Surroundings must be clean - A clean shop will attract a lot of customers due to the positive vibes that it creates around the shop. There must be no drain in front of the shop and its interiors must be kept as clean as possible. 

  8. Placement of heavy materials - The heavy materials must be placed in the south-west area of the shop. Strictly avoid the north-east section for this purpose as it may bring heavy losses. 

  9. Floor elevations - The floor must be elevated in the West or South direction for a stable and peaceful business environment. Avoid slopes near the entrance of the shop as it hints at the inconsistency in profits. 

  10. Play some mild music - Mild music can be played in the background to soothe the customers and put them into a relaxed state so that they spend more time in the shop and buy more items. 

All these are the most important Vastu tips for a shop that must be taken into consideration. But the list does not end here. You can consult a Vastu expert who will provide you a personalized analysis that can help you make huge profits from your shop.

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