Vastu for Happiness

Vastu for Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind that makes you feel that you are at the top of the world. It is a feeling that everyone wants to experience at every moment of their lives. But what is the magical way that will help you gain a lifetime of happiness? Vastu for happiness could be the answer to your question.

We all love to be happy in this beautiful world that surrounds us. After all, who would choose misery and sorrow over happiness? But many times it is a matter of chance and not choice. Certain problematic situations make our life dull and depressing. During these sad moments, we must follow the Vastu tips for happiness to bring color back into our life. 

Why is Vastu for Happiness so important?

It is said that a happy family is a prosperous family where the members live in harmony with each other. You derive happiness from the people around you and the relationship that you share with them. 

But if you remain surrounded by family conflicts and quarrels, will you be able to remain happy at all? Of course not. This is why it is important to follow the Vastu tips for happiness to bring peace, prosperity, and cheerfulness to your life. 

What are the different Vastu tips for happiness?

Vastu Shastra advocates that the design and layout of a house plays a crucial role in the well-being of a person. Here is a list of various Vastu tips that can help you bring happiness to your world:

  1. Entrance of the house - The main door of the house in the eastern or northern direction as this attracts the positive energies that bring happiness to the house.
  2. East and North section - These portions of the house are said to be very auspicious as this is the place from where positivity enters the house. Therefore, these sections must be kept clean and clutter-free at all times.
  3. Placement of kitchen - The kitchen must be constructed in the South-East direction as it would enhance the health and happiness of the family.
  4. Brahmasthan (center) - No furniture must be placed at the center of the house (Brahmasthan) as it is the most powerfully and positively charged area that can boost up the positive energies of the person who comes in contact with this place.
  5. Location of owner’s bedroom - The breadwinner and head of the family must be given a bedroom that is in the Southwest direction to help him have control over the family and take proper decisions regarding their welfare.
  6. Windows - The eastern portion of the house must have the maximum number of windows while the western portion of the house must have the minimum number of windows. 
  7. Doors - As per Vastu Shastra, the doors and windows in a house must be even-numbered as that would help in maintaining the balance between the elements of nature. 
  8. Location of bedroom for couples - The Southwest direction is best for the couples who own the household. They can also take the Northwest direction but the Northeast direction must be strictly avoided. 
  9. Northeast portion - It is advisable to keep the northeast section of the house open and put some source of water such as a fountain here as well. 
  10. Location of children bedroom - The daughters of marriageable age must be given a bedroom in the North-west side of the house. Also, children must study facing the east or north direction as that would bring them success in all their endeavors.

These are some basic Vastu tips that can make your home peaceful and prosperous and your family members healthy, wealthy and wise. Thus, we may say that a happy home can provide you all the happiness of the world and therefore, you must follow these tips for the welfare of your family. In case you need more information on Vastu for happiness, you can consult a Vastu expert who will solve all your queries. 

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