Vastu for Home

Vastu for Home

Have you ever realized that entering an untidy home often puts you in a bad mood? Or the dull colors of the walls make you feel depressed and dejected? All these things happen when you do not heed to the principles of Vastu for home.  

Designing and layout of a home make a major impact on the lives of the people residing there. It brings peace, prosperity, and positivity to the inhabitants of the home and ensure that they share a happy and harmonious relationship with each other. This is why people apply Vastu for home and make their place a heaven on earth. 

Why is Vastu for Home so Important?

We all are emotionally attached to our home and therefore, it is our duty to protect it from any negative influence. A home is a place where we go for comfort and warmth; it makes us feel special because we are always welcomed there. 

Don’t you think that if anything wrong happens to your home, then it will destroy your mental peace? This is why we must follow Vastu for Home so that we get to protect our home from any outside negativity and make it as positive as we can. 

If the negative energies suppress the positive vibes of our home, then it will make it very difficult to live in that place. It will make you stressed and manifold your tensions on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Therefore, it is extremely essential to get rid of the negativities and build up a positive environment to protect your home and make it the most special place to live happily. 

What are the Vastu Guidelines to Protect Your Home?

It is said that Vastu for home is all about balancing the five basic elements and bringing them in harmony with each other. Therefore, the people who live in bungalows have more control over their homes as they are directly connected with the earth as compared to those who reside in apartments. 

The most prominent thing about Vastu is that you can correct any of its defects by incorporating minor changes that can lead to major results. Here is a list of tips for doing Vastu for your home that must be followed to bring abundance and joy to your abode:

  1. Change the colors of the walls - By choosing vibrant, energetic and cool shades of colors, you can make your home pleasant to the eyes as well as the soul.

  2. Put beautiful paintings on the wall - You can decorate your home with paintings that are simple and beautiful such as the ones that depict nature etc. as these may relax your mind and make you stress-free. A complicated artwork may likewise bring complications in your life, so you must avoid placing it on your walls. 

  3. Do not put furniture at the center of the house - The center of the house is known as the “brahmasthan” and therefore, it must be kept free of any furniture as it can obstruct the flow of positive energy into your home. 

  4. Get a temple for your home - In the modern scenario, having a temple at home is no longer trendy. This depicts the loss of faith in the divine power that has been watching over the entire universe. You must respect the Supreme being and put some symbol or object representing the Almighty so that it may protect your home against any vices. 

  5. Avoid placing electronics in the bedroom - If you put electronic items in your bedroom, then it may result in discord between the couple and unnecessary fights over petty matters. In case there is no other option, then try keeping some fluorite rock in your bedroom to get rid of the negative radiation emitted by the electronics. 

  6. Hang a crystal chandelier - By hanging a crystal chandelier in the living room or balcony, you can enhance the positivity of your home. Also, the soothing sounds that it produces relaxes the mind and helps you get rid of stress. 

  7. Never let the clock stop - Stopped clocks bring bad luck and negativity. Therefore, you must either change the cells and bring them in a working condition or discard the ones that are beyond repair. 

  8. Keep the house clean - As the old proverb says, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Therefore, you must keep your home clean and tidy to keep it ready for inviting guests like prosperity and happiness. 

  9. Get rid of cobwebs - Cobwebs depict financial and physical restrictions and thus, they hamper the growth of your finances and disturb your health as well. So you must get rid of them as soon as you can. 

  10. Keep the toilet lids closed - In case you are not using your toilet, you must keep its lid closed as it brings negativity and pollutant energy to your home. It is also advisable that you keep the doors of the washroom closed at all times. 

The list goes on and on, but these are the major tips that can be followed by the owners and tenants alike and can help them live in a peaceful and prosperous home that will make their life happy and content. 

In order to know more about the Vastu corrections for your home, you can consult the best Vastu experts. They will provide you a detailed analysis of your home and the remedies that you need to follow to get rid of the Vastu defects that hamper the happiness of your life.

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