Vastu for Business

Vastu for Business

Every businessman wants to make their business a huge success. And the success of a business is determined by the financial gains that it makes in the marketplace. The turnover of the business brings reputation and recognition to the business and helps them to undertake new business ventures as well. 

So why is that some businesses work extremely well while the others make the businessman bankrupt? The answer could be the application of proper Vastu for business development and that makes all the difference.

Why is Vastu for business development so important?

Vastu refers to a certain set of principles related to the design and layout of a business setup that can help in the flourishing of the businesṣ. In today’s world, the competition has tremendously increased in the market and therefore, it has become extremely important that businessmen give their best to the business. 

The guidelines regarding Vastu for business development ensure that a business gets proper inflow of cash and makes good profits. It also enhances the growth and development of the business and leads to its expansion on a high scale. 

What are the various Vastu tips for business development?

Here is a list of Vastu tips that can help you improve your business and make it reach sky heights:

  1. Owner’s room - The business owner’s room must be constructed in the South-west direction of the building and he must sit in such a way that he faces the north direction. 
  2. Entrance of the building - The entrance must be in the north-west, north-east and north direction as these directions bring positivity. Also, nothing must be kept right at the entrance as it may hinder the flow of positive energy.
  3. Brahmasthan (or the center) - Do not put any furniture at the center of the business structure as it is said that this place is highly charged with positivity. The employees can come to this place and they will feel recharged and ready to get back to work with great enthusiasm. 
  4. Seating of employees - The employees must face the east or north direction while working as that would boost up their morale and increase their productivity as well. 
  5. The northwest area - It is the most important area as it helps in increasing the revenue of a business. It is considered to be best for the marketing department as they bring in more and more customers and help in building up the finances of the company. Do not construct a washroom or place a trash bin in this area as these things would bring negativity. 
  6. Conference rooms - The conference room is the place where important discussions and meetings are held. Therefore, it must be built in the northwest portion for a fruitful meeting and cheerful gatherings. 
  7. North direction - The north direction is responsible for reducing the risks that might be faced by a business venture. This area must not be painted red and there must be no hint of fire in this direction. Avoid constructing a kitchen or pantry in this direction.
  8. Placement of locker/safe - A locker must be placed in the southwest corner of the office and it must open towards the north. It will ensure that the business gets profited with a continuous flow of cash.
  9. Furniture - The office must have square and rectangular work desks for the employees and the reception area must have regular furniture as the irregular shaped furniture attracts negative energies.
  10. Placement of an aquarium - To make a business prosperous and financially stable, it is necessary to keep an aquarium - consisting of nine gold fishes and one black one - in the northeast direction. 

These tips can help you make your business a successful one. In order to get more professional help, you can consult a Vastu expert who can guide you on principles that can assist you in the expansion and growth of your business.

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