Vastu for Health

Vastu for Health

Have you ever felt that the moment you enter someone’s house, you get hit by a negative surge of energy? Or have you ever experienced such extreme discomfort at someone’s place that you started feeling sick? All these things might be a result of the defective Vastu for health. 

Not many people believe in the architectural science of Vastu Shastra and discard its principles while building their houses. Unfortunately, the wrong Vastu results in loss of health, money, and the peaceful and harmonious existence of the inmates. It has been seen that loss of health is the primary factor that later gives rise to all these problems.

Why is Vastu for Health so important?

We all want to remain in the best of our health because it is the treasure that helps us go on in life. The state of being unhealthy makes everything around us dull and depressing and therefore, it becomes very difficult to deal with the pangs of life when we suffer from some kind of illness. 

Have you ever imagined what will happen if you live in a house where your health keeps on deteriorating and never improves at all? The mere thought sends shivers down our spine. Without health, it will become extremely difficult to cope up with life and the challenges that it throws in our way. This is why it is so important to follow the Vastu for Health tips and make our home a place that promotes our health and happiness. 

What are the Vastu guidelines that enhance your health?

As per Vastu Shastra, there are certain essential principles that promote good health and keep us physically and mentally fit. Some of these guidelines are mentioned below:

  1. Lighting a lamp daily - By lighting a lamp in the northeast direction of the house, one invites the positive energies that enhance the health of the inmates of the house. 

  2. Dripping of taps - Constant dripping of taps irritates people and creates tensions and stress in the house and has a detrimental effect on the health of those who dwell there. Therefore, they must be timely repaired or changed so that they have no drastic impact on your health.

  3. Avoid using the space under the stairs - Using the space under the stairs as a kitchen, bathroom or storehouse then it may lead to serious nervous disorders and heart problems. Thus, you must keep this space free and avoid using it for any purpose. 

  4. Add greenery to your home - Certain plants such as basil and other indoor plants must be placed in the house as these plants purify the air of the house and ease out the stress and tension of an individual.  

  5. Location of the bedroom - The bedroom must be constructed in the southwest portion of the house as it promotes mental as well as physical stability. Northeast direction must be strictly avoided for this purpose. 

  6. Direction while sleeping - Your head must point towards the south direction while sleeping as it promotes peaceful sleep and avoids the risks of severe headaches. 

  7. Do not stick to gadgets at all times - Electronic gadgets such as laptops, televisions, mobile phones, etc. cause severe damage to our nervous system and give rise to many physical and mental health problems. Therefore, you must use these gadgets only when it is absolutely necessary. 

  8. Direction while eating - Facing the east direction while eating and cooking food helps in promoting digestion and thus, helps in avoiding the problems associated with the digestive system.

  9. Bring positivity with the right colors - You must choose light shades to paint the walls of your home. Using colors like chrome yellow and bright orange can help in getting rid of the negativity that surrounds the house as these colors absorb negativity. This lessens the stress of the inmates and leads to the mental well-being of those who reside in the house. 

  10. Clear the clutter - A filthy and dirty house will always invite negativity and illness. To maintain the health of the people who dwell in a house, it is absolutely essential to clean it on a regular basis and throw away the things that are no longer in use. 

These Vastu guidelines can help you in maintaining the health of your family members. You may also consult a Vastu expert to know more about the different ways that promote the health and well-being of a person.

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