Vastu for Career

Vastu for Career

Have you ever felt that you do not get any recognition at your workplace even after putting every possible effort? Or your hard work is not appreciated by your seniors? All these things might be a consequence of the defective Vastu at your workplace. 

We all strive to make our dreams come true and do our best to become successful in our endeavors. But life is not a bed of roses and there are many obstacles that hinder the path of our success. The Vastu tips for career can help us get rid of these obstacles and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. 

Why is Vastu for a career so important?

Career plays a very crucial role in the life of every individual. You start working on it right from the moment you enter your school. Your education serves as a base on which you plan to build a successful career step by step. Brushing up your skills, getting advanced training, doing internships, all these things help you get your dream job, but what will happen if all these things add up to nothing?

If you are unable to win any recognition for all your hard work, then it will make you feel depressed and dejected. This is where Vastu for career comes to your rescue. It helps you reach the pinnacle of success by removing all the hurdles that hinder your progress. Be it a fear of failure or confusion regarding a subject, Vastu Shastra holds the eternal power to boost up your confidence and give wings to your career. 

What do you need to do for a successful career?

As per Vastu Shastra, the energies that surround us often play a major role in building our career. A Vastu compliant workplace will lead to our betterment whereas a non-Vastu compliant workplace will lead to the degradation of our skills. 

Although it is not possible to adhere to the norms of Vastu at your workplace, there are certain tips that can be followed to reach new heights in your career. Here is a list of Vastu for career tips that can enhance your abilities and help you excel in the various fields of life:

  1. The supportive wall - In case you are a professional writer, artist or a research scholar, then you must have a wall opposite your back as it symbolizes support and helps you get a stable career.
  2.  Spacious and open area - As per Vastu Shastra, you must have an open space in front of you for the flow of positive energy around your desk that may help you with new and creative ideas for the upliftment of your work. 
  3. Shape of the desk - The shape of your desk must be rectangular or square and not round or oval as it leads to poor concentration and focus skills. 
  4. Location of the conference room - The most important discussions take place in the conference room and therefore, it must be constructed in a quiet corner. The most preferable location for the conference room is the south-west corner of the office. 
  5. Add some greenery to your workspace - Some plants must be placed in the south-east corner of your office as they attract positivity and enhance the flow of money in your life. 
  6. Direction to be faced - It is very important to face the East or North direction while working as these directions are considered very auspicious and are believed to bring success, fame, and prosperity to the person.
  7. Avoid sitting under a beam - Your workstation must not be placed under a beam as it will create unnecessary pressure for you and will break the flow of energy that connects you to the divine consciousness. You can miss your deadlines and perform very poorly if you sit under a beam. 
  8. Location of the owner’s room - The owner must be given the most comfortable cabin in the office as they represent the face of the company. The cabin must be located in the south-west direction and the owner must sit facing the north direction as this will bring huge profits to the organization.
  9. Decors of the office - You can decorate your office with mountain sceneries as they symbolize support and inspire you to overcome the obstacles and reach the top through your hard work. Also, never put any disturbing images in your office such as war and destruction, as these attract negativity and lead to severe arguments with your co-workers. You can put a crystal ball on your work desk to invite wealth, peace and prosperity. 
  10. Keep your workstation clean - Make sure that your workstation is kept clean at all times. A dirty work desk degrades the quality of your work and attracts the negative forces that lead to distractions and hamper your growth and learning. 

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are many other guidelines that can help you in boosting your productivity. You can also consult a professional Vastu expert and get a personalized analysis that will help you reach your goals within no time. Professional help can sort out all your problems and assist you in achieving a stable and successful career.


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