The Color Orange

The Color Orange

What do you feel like doing when you come across some ripe oranges while roaming around the local market? Of course, you want to grab them and enjoy their delicious flavour. But why do you feel attracted to it in the first place? Because of the richness of the orange color. 
Orange is the color of your instincts that helps you surpass the tough situations of life. When despair surrounds you from all sides, then this color comes to your rescue and provides you the courage to get your life back on track. 

What does the orange color represent?

The orange color represents the adventurous spirit and the social need to communicate with others. It is a color that inspires us to live our life to the fullest by developing a positive attitude that helps us go through difficult times. 
A combination of yellow and red, the color orange clubs together the passionate energy of red and the joyous nature of yellow. It is a color that rejuvenates your senses and ensures that you feel good about yourself whenever this color is around you. 
In fact, orange is such a spontaneous color that it will never let you suffer the agony of despair and force you to look at the positive side of a situation. It will help you develop an optimistic take on life and accept things the way they are. 
The enthusiastic nature of orange makes it a favourite for people who love adventures and believe in living life on the edge. They are independent beings who are not afraid to take risks and thus, enjoy indulging in adventurous activities. 
Another most important aspect of this color is that it often initiates conversations as it is said to be the color of extroverts. It enhances communication and encourages you to express your feelings in the best possible way. 
Also, orange is said to be the color that increases your appetite and this is the reason why many restaurants use orangish shades to decorate their places and ignite the appetite of their customers. This would definitely boost up their business prospects! 
But do remember that if you are planning to shed those extra kilos then do not use the orange color in your kitchen decors. If orange rules over your kitchen then you will definitely feel like eating more than is required by your body.
This color inspires you to do what you wish to do while doing no harm to your self-respect or to that of others. It gives you the freedom to live your life on your own terms without confining your feelings within boundaries. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of Orange color

Orange color is a very appealing color to the youth but unfortunately it is not often given the credit that it deserves. The reason might be that people are not much aware of its positives and negatives. Therefore, here we are discussing a few of these traits to enlighten you about the nature of this color:
The Bright Side: approachable, motivational, positive, adventurous, extrovert, informal, self-confident and jolly. 
The Gloomy Side: specious, show-off, excess of pride, insincerity, dependant, hedonistic and unsociable. 

Various effects of Orange Color

Orange color is a very powerful color that is filled with optimism. Its fervid nature makes it a color of passion and enthusiasm that can have a deep and lasting impact on your life. Some of the major effects that this color has on your life are as follows:

  1. It fills your life with warmth and happiness and leads to the rejuvenation of your mind and body.
  2. It enhances your socializing skills and helps you win more and more friends by interacting with people on a larger scale.
  3. It accelerates your appetite and ensures that you never remain hungry. Not a color that will help you in dieting. 
  4. This color motivates you to deal with your life in your own way - take your own decisions and be prepared to face the consequences. 

Orange is the color that helps you to move on in life without keeping any regret in your heart. It ensures that you move on with a cheerful and positive attitude and keep going forward in your life and enjoy the art of living.

Different Shades of Orange color

Orange color occurs in a variety of shades and every hue holds some different qualities that differentiate them from each other. Some of these variations are:

  1. Peach - Peach is a lighter shade of orange and enhances the communication between two people in a gentler and subtle manner. 
  2. Amber - This is a vital color that boosts the confidence of a person and enhances their self-esteem. But if it crosses the line then it fills their heads with excessive pride and makes them arrogant as well.
  3. Dark orange - This color depicts the dark side of orange that fuels your ambition and makes you overconfident. This often results in failure that you do not accept easily. 

So we can conclude that orange is a powerful color on the whole that strengthens your energies and leads you to a path of success and enlightenment. But if it crosses its limitations then this may lead to bitter consequences and therefore, you must use this color in a limited manner so that it proves to be beneficial for you and not harmful. 

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