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The Color Yellow

How do you feel when you see the bright yellow color of a sunflower? Does it not stimulate you a feeling of happiness? Do you ever feel that the rays of the sun that provide life and growth to the trees, plants and crops, bring sunshine in your life as well?
The yellow color is just that color that you need to enhance your ideas and bring happiness to your life. This is the color that brightens your prospects and invigorates your intellectual powers. Do read this article till the end to find out the true importance of this color.

What does the yellow color represent?

Yellow is a color that represents cheerfulness, aspirations and happiness that can never be compensated with anything else. It gives you hope to move ahead in life and inspires you to think in a practical way. 
It is a color that welcomes challenges and ensures that they are overcome with the help of curiosity and wisdom. It charges you to look ahead as a person full of enthusiasm who lives life to the fullest.
If you are in love with this color then you are a person who takes the onus of communicating with people and bringing them on the same platform where they can freely interact with each other. 
It means that you will be the life and soul of every party and will also be the comedian who will entertain the audience. Such a person has a great sense of humor due to which happiness spreads around from person to person.
The yellow color improves upon your concentration and helps you focus in a better manner. It is a practical thinker that deals with the brain and not the one who is ruled over by emotions. Its vibrations are really strong and therefore, not many people are able to relate to it more often. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of the Yellow Color

Yellow is a color of happiness but there is a dark side to it as well. Here are the positive and negative traits that are associated with this color:
The Bright Side: Merry, enthusiastic, good sense of humor, optimistic, logical, intellectual, cheerful and creative. 
The Gloomy Side: Disapproving, finding faults, deceptive, not very compassionate, too analytical to handle and emotionless at times. 

Various Effects of the yellow color

The yellow color is a very noticeable color that can never be missed by anyone. But not everyone is tolerant of this color when things are going on too fast in their lives. This is because this color has many effects on your life:

  1. It enhances your creative abilities and refreshes your thinking for new ideas. 
  2. It brings clarity of thought and helps taking a decision at a quick pace.
  3. Since it has too strong vibes it is possible that it will make you anxious and nervous.
  4. Yellow often makes you overthink and find faults in others without any reason.

This is the color that is associated with the functioning of the brain and is therefore, not an emotional kind of color. It boosts your confidence and helps you communicate with others in a better manner. 

Different shades of yellow color

The yellow color has many different shades that have their own set of attributes. Some of these are discussed as follows:

  1. Lemon Yellow - A color that supports self-sufficiency but also makes you more sensitive to critical reviews.
  2. Light Yellow - This color provides clarity of thought and helps in thinking with an open mind.
  3. Dark Yellow - The darkness of yellow gives rise to depression and lowers your self-worth as you feel that no one loves you anymore.
  4. Cream - The paleness of cream gives rise to fresh ideas on the one hand, but also arouses the need for reassurance on the other. 

Significance of yellow color in astrology

As per astrology, the yellow color is directly related to the planet Jupiter. It is a benefic planet that rules over the intellectual aspects of a person and the yellow color is known to enhance these aspects. 
The overall effect of this color is positive and is known to energize the nervous system of the native. This is why the remedies to pacify Jupiter use yellow-colored flowers in it. Also, the gemstones used to please this planet are the yellow topaz and yellow sapphire. To know what kind of gemstone you must use for your betterment, consult an astrology expert now!

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