The Color Indigo

The Color Indigo

How many of you have truly felt the impact of indigo color on your senses? Did you ever feel that it makes your perception clear? Or are you of the opinion that it is just another color of the rainbow? If that is the case, then you must read this article and you will realize the true worth of the indigo color.
It is believed that the indigo color can help you improve your concentration to such a degree that it will lead to the opening of your third eye. It deepens your meditative skills and connects you to the divine consciousness of the universe. 

What does the indigo color represent?

The indigo color is a true representation of the intuitive and perceptive powers of man. It helps you achieve deep concentration that raises the level of your conscious powers and ultimately leads you to enlightenment. 
This color is made from the combination of midnight blue and violet colors and therefore, exhibits the qualities of both these colors. It is a color that enhances your ability to serve humanity and develops in your being the characteristics of sincerity and dignity. 
If you are in love with this color then it will make you a righteous and just person who takes their decision in a wise and unbiased manner. Indigo stands for devotion and fairness and therefore, this color fights for the justice of the rights of people. 
Organization and systematisation is of ultimate importance for the indigo and they just cannot compromise on this matter. Rules, traditions and rituals are a favourite among indigo lovers who base their future decisions on the things that have fared successfully in the past. 
It enhances the creative abilities of a person and develops their theatrical skills. But if things get out of hand, then this color also holds the ability to create dramatic scenes even in the day-to-day life. 
The darker side of indigo leads to addiction of anything and everything under the sun. Be it the habit of a liquor lover or a workaholic - indigo creates a really strong addiction. (This might be the reason that a very strong drug has been named after this color). 
This color narrows down your ability to accept things that do not pertain to traditions and makes you intolerant of change. It also makes you develop prejudice against things that are not in accordance with your mindset. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of Indigo

Indigo is a strong and powerful color that can deeply impact your life. The color has its share of pros and cons and before making it a favourite you must know all about them:
The Bright Side: Truthful, organized, obedient, intuitive, imaginative, logical, upright, responsible and selfless. 
The Gloomy Side: Extremist, narrow-minded, intolerant, resistant to change, self-obsessed and addictive. 

Various Effects of the Indigo color

The indigo color can have a deep and lasting effect on your life. Some of the various effects of this color are mentioned below:

  1. It provides you the ability to deepen your concentration for the purpose of meditation and self-analysis.
  2. It gives you a concrete structure on the basis of which you can plan your future in a proper manner.
  3. It brings the dramatist out of you and helps you express your emotions in an extremely dramatic way.
  4. It makes you respect the traditions and rituals not because others demand it but because you love them. 
  5. It makes you addictive - this can be in the negative or positive way depending on your desires and decisions. 

It is believed that indigo is a color that encourages your wisdom skills and makes you more aware of your surroundings. This color enhances your organizational skills and develops in you a love of form and order, so that you lead a systematic life and make wise decisions. 

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