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The Color Magenta

You must have come across the magenta color multiple times in your life. Do you ever feel that this color has a lot of positive vibes that help you live in harmony with nature? Did you know that this is the color that enhances your spiritual, mental and physical health?
This article will help you know the importance of magenta color as a harbinger of universal harmony. It will reveal the introspective aspects of this passionate color and you will know the various ways in which it balances your emotions, health and spirit. 

What does the magenta color represent?

The magenta color stands for universal harmony and is known as the color of balance as it creates a balance between your spiritual and practical thoughts on life. It makes you more aware of your real self and influences your overall personality.
Magenta color is formed by combining the colors - red and violet, and due to this reason it represents the passionate nature of red along with the passive restraints of the violet - thus, maintaining the balance of its energies. 
This color motivates you to move ahead in life by bringing a change in your lifestyle and transforming your attitude towards life. It encourages you to accept the novelty and let go of the past to grow and develop on a personal as well as spiritual level.
If at any time in life you feel the pangs of frustration and temper, then the magenta color will come to your rescue. It will lighten your mood and make you more aware of the universal love and compassion that you carry in your heart at all times. 
It is a color that will make you content about your life and help you accept anything that comes your way. Also, it will develop in your being the attributes of generosity, empathy, gentleness, care and compassion. 
If you are in love with this color, then you are someone who holds a lot of self-respect and aims to create your own paths to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. This color will always support your freedom and let you take the road not taken so as to fulfill your ambitions in the best way possible. 
The color that is known as the promoter of peace has a dark side as well. If you are too much surrounded by it, then the optimism may turn to pessimism, and make you so weak that you won’t be able to overcome the challenges that life throws at you. 
It may depress you on one side or make you arrogant on the other. When you are unable to distinguish between your self-respect and self-obsession, then you tend to become bossy and intolerant. Whenever you feel that magenta is creating a problem for you, club it with the green color to make things normal. 

The Positive and Negative traits of Magenta color

Every color is beautiful and unique but that will not make it free of errors. Like all other colors, magenta too has its share of positives and negatives that are discussed below:
The Bright Side: Harmonious, loveable, balancing, spirit uplifter, practical, compassionate, artistic and peace-lover. 
The Gloomy Side: Dominating, afraid of challenges, demanding, arrogant, intolerant and hasty in its endeavors. 

Various Effects of Magenta Color

You all must be having at least one magenta color dress in your wardrobe. If not that there must be something else, be it bedsheets, cushion covers, etc. that would be of magenta color in your house. Some of the effects of this color on your daily life are discussed below:

  1. It enhances your spiritual self but makes your thoughts logical and rational at the same time. 
  2. It ensures that you think practically and add to your knowledge and develop your common sense. 
  3. Being a balancing color, it creates a balance between your thoughts, emotions and feelings so that you do not suffer from any inner conflict.
  4. The cheerful nature of this color inspires you to lead a happy and positive life without any worries. 

This color is so appealing to the eyes that people tend to fall in love with it at the first sight. This might be the reason that its effects on your life can never be ignored. If this color becomes a part of your life, then you can rest assured that it will bring optimism when used in a limited manner. 

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