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The Color Gray

You must have noticed that people tend to have gray hairs as they get older on the journey of life. So what does this color exactly show? What is the mystery behind this unconventional color that is said to be an extremely dull color?

Not many people know but gray is said to be the color of life and living. It is a color that is formed when the blacks and whites are mixed. No individual is perfect and therefore, they are not as clear as black and white but a mixture of both. 

In the young age, with black hairs on their head, people tend to be mysterious, reserved and dramatic. But slowly and steady as they move towards old age their hair starts gaining the color of maturity, a color that takes them towards the transition of complete white hairs when their life becomes an inspiring and enlightening experience worth remembering. 

This is why gray is said to be the color of maturity that takes you from the stage of being a carefree and zestful youngster and leaves you at the stage when you have become a careful and responsible person. 

What does the gray color represent?

It is believed that gray is a dull and boring color that is said to be the color of compromise. Neither does it have the lustrousness of black nor the serenity of white. It is somewhere in the middle and is therefore known as a neutral color. 

Gray is surrounded by a sea of blacks at one hand and the clouds of white at the other. But it has taken the position amidst these and has detached itself from the qualities of both the colors. And thus, it has become an indecisive color that is unable to decide whether it should drown in the sea of blacks or merge with the clouds of white. 

But since it is an unemotional color its stability makes you feel relaxed in a world that is full of chaos. Although it does not energize your body, it is capable of calming your mind and thus, it provides you with a sense of comfort to deal with the pressures of life in a better manner. 

It is often taken to be a color that is dull on one hand and elegant on the other. Just like the gray suit of a successful business person that depicts responsibility, independence and reliability with a touch of a boring corporate life. 

Gray is not a glamorous color that demands attention. Rather, it is a toned down color that steadies the other bright colors like red, green, pink, etc and acts in a controlled manner. But too much of this color can make you feel depressed and dejected, therefore, it is advisable to add the different color to gray to uplift it and add to its elegance. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of Gray Color

All colors are different and have different impacts on the life of people who are surrounded by it. Gray color too has its share of positives and negatives that are mentioned below:

The Bright Side: Dignity, impartiality, conservativeness, stability, dependability, maturity, intelligence, calming nature and classic look. 

The Gloomy Side: Indecisiveness, boredom, sadness, isolation, dejection, depression and lacking emotions.

Various Effects of Gray Color

As already discussed, gray is a color that represents the various facets of life and therefore, its effects are also similar in nature. Here are some of them:

  1. The color gray makes you confused when it comes to making a decision, it does not choose either black or white but rather prefers to remain in the middle. 
  2. It is associated with detachment and unemotional nature and tends to make you aloof and indifferent to those around you.
  3. If you use too much of this color, then it will suppress the energy that is crucial for your survival and lead you to a state of depression.
  4. The best part is that this color will make you an impartial observer and an unbiased individual who is intelligent enough to differentiate between the black and white. 

Although gray seems to be a complex color that is difficult to understand, it has its own place in the color spectrum and therefore it cannot be discarded just on the basis that it is a boring and dull color because every color has its own importance in our lives. 

Different Shades of Gray Color

Gray color is a quite simple color that does not dominate the scene but rather takes a safe approach and appears in the background to brighten the prospects of other colors. It has only two shades that represent entirely different things:
1. Light Gray - This color holds the calming properties that can soothe your mind and enlighten you in times of need. Also, it can save you from the tough times of life by helping you deal with the chaotic world. 
2. Dark Gray - A conventional color that keeps you under control by making you aware of your limits. It is associated with self-discipline and imposes strict constraints on your life so that you understand the solemn side of life as well. 

Thus, we may conclude that gray is a really powerful color that adds to your elegance and sophistication and also makes you aware of the seriousness and maturity that you need to overcome the challenges that life throws at you. 

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