The Color White

The Color White

Have you ever been to a hill station during the winter season? Have you witnessed the beauty of the snow covered mountains ever? How do you feel when you look at the white color of the snow? What kind of emotions does this color stir in your being?
The white color is the color that is most near to perfection. It is the color that gives birth to all other colors of the rainbow and beautifies the world around you. This is the most innocent and flawless color that exists in nature. So won’t you like to know more about this purest of colors?

What does the white color represent?

The white color is considered to be a complete color that comprises all the colors that are present in the world. It is a color that is impartial and ready to accept anything and everything that comes its way. 
It is a color that depicts something that is free of dirt and absolutely pure. This might be the reason that doctors being a part of a noble and pure profession, mostly wear white overcoats over their clothes. 
The white color is a color of tranquility that provides you peace of mind and the comfort of the body. It charges you with the pure form of energy that rejuvenates your senses and improves upon your efficiency levels. 
You must have noticed that when a child is born, the mother feeds it with her breasts’ milk which is white in color. This shows that white is the color of new beginnings that gives a new direction to your life. 
Whenever you feel that you need to move on to make a new beginning, then this color will come to your rescue. It will give you the strength to start afresh and build your empire all over again with a hope that things will turn out well. 
But do remember that too much of white will increase the risk of making it dirty and that can cause an extreme strain on your emotions. You might feel lonely and aloof and therefore, it is best to use this color in a limited manner. 

The Positive and Negative traits of white color

Ironically, the purest color that gives birth to all other colors too has a dark side. Although no darker shade of white exists as a physical manifestation, this color has its share of positives and negatives as discussed below:
The Bright Side: Innocent, pure, flawless, complete, simple, fair, unspoilt, charming, tidy and independent. 
The Gloomy Side: Cautious, dull, afraid of stains, fussy, lonely, consummate, near to perfection but not perfect.

Various Effects of white color

White is such a special color that your life is incomplete without its presence. It is an essential part of your journey on this earth and therefore, it is important to know about the effects that it has on your life. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Where there is white there is no bias. Every decision is based upon purity and fairness and is ultimately the best.
  2. It spreads light into the darkness and illuminates your life to help you find the path of enlightenment.
  3. It enhances your creative faculties and provides you with a clean state of mind where you can draw a picture of your choice.
  4. It is omnipresent in every color and the serenity that it provides is what makes your life worthwhile. 

To live a life that is full of peace, calm and tranquility, surround yourself with the white color because its innocence will help you overcome the obstacles of life and help you move towards a future that is pure and perfect. 

Significance of white color in astrology

White color plays a very important role in astrology as well. Pale white is the color that depicts the moon and purifies the soul of a person. Due to this reason the remedies associated with the moon include things made of white colors such as the flowers that are white in color, food items like milk and curd. Even the gemstone that is suggested is the beautiful white pearl that can bring the moon in a favorable position in your birth chart.
Another planet that is directly related to bright white color is the planet of love - Venus. The elegance of Venus makes it the brightest planet that can have a tremendous impact on your love life. Jasmines, lilies and white lotus flowers please this planet like no other. Also, the dazzling diamond along with the quartz crystal and white zircon are the gemstones that can pacify this planet. But to ensure that you wear the gemstone that will work the best for you, consult an expert astrologer who will give you the most appropriate advice. 

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