The Color Red

The Color Red

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you enter a room that is painted with a powerful red color? Will you be able to feel that sudden rush of energy in your body? Would you like to try it out?
All these instances are good for imagination and can even be practiced in real life to know about the strong energies of the red color. It is the color of blood and is therefore, a color that counts for your survival. 

What does the red color represent?

The red color represents passion, energy and warmth in the most extreme forms. It stirs up the qualities of leadership in your being and boosts up your self-confidence when you feel shy or low on confidence. 
It is a color that instills the energy of your body and revitalizes it completely. It is a color related to the sexual needs of a person and stimulates the extreme passions of our body. On the positive side, it is a color of immense love and passionate sex but on the negative side, it stands for the hurtful revenge or the bitter anger. 
As the red color shares such a deep and lasting relationship with love and passion, it is usually related to the concept of marriage in the Indian culture, where the bride is usually dressed in red on her wedding day and the groom adorns her with the red-colored vermilion or sindoor. 
This color also symbolizes blood and therefore, often invites violence and war that spills over the blood of many individuals. It also arouses in you the cravings of food and thus, many restaurants make use of this color. 
But if you use this color in excess, then you will tend to become angry at petty matters and your aggression will increase manyfold. Therefore, it is important to use this color in a limited and beneficial way. 

The Positive and Negative traits of red color

Just like every other color of the spectrum, the red color too has its share of pros and cons as discussed below:
The Bright Side: Strong, passionate, plethora of energy, courageous, powerful, attentive and extremely exciting.
The Gloomy Side: Aggression, dominating, angry, rebel, violent, stubborn, narrow-minded and unyielding.
Various Effects of Red Color
The color red is a beautiful color that has the ability to turn nasty when things go out of hand. Therefore, it is important to know the different ways in which it may affect us:

  1. It has the power to infuse in your body a sudden rush of energy just like an adrenaline rush.
  2. It is a very important color that can stimulate your emotions and bring out the best in you.
  3. The red color is a color of love and passion and therefore, it is capable of enhancing your sex life so that you enjoy the pleasures of the bed. 
  4. It is also the color that makes you more determined and assertive in your decisions. 

It is very important to understand that the red color is a saviour on one hand and a destroyer on the other. If this color represents love, it also depicts danger and therefore, must be used carefully. 

Different Shades of Red Color

Red color has a brilliance of its own and therefore, it never goes unnoticed. You will always love this color and it will catch your attention at every occasion. There are many different shades of red that are also very appealing. Some of these include:

  1. Crimson - It has a touch of blue and depicts the desire to succeed without overpowering others. 
  2. Burgundy - Add a little purple to red and you will get this color that is low on energy and rich in looks. 
  3. Scarlet - When orange is added to red, this color is originated that gives rise to love and enthusiasm in a good-humored manner.
  4. Maroon - When dark blue is fused with red, you get this color that defines controlled ambitions and represents a softer version of red. 

Significance of red color in astrology

In astrology, the red color is often associated with two planets of the solar system - the Sun and the Mars. While the Sun also emits yellow color, its main color is taken as red. This is because this color stands for vital energy and a sense of royalty that is similar to the nature of the Sun. Therefore, red flowers and red ruby gemstone are used to strengthen the position of the Sun in your horoscope chart. 
Talking about Mars, it can be said that this planet is completely red in color. The red color of Mars depicts violence and bloodshed. This planet has a fiery nature and if it is not in a favorable position in your birth chart then you may either suffer from blood-related diseases or accidents. 
Therefore, it is very important to pacify this planet using red lentils, turmeric, etc. The gemstones like red and pink corals can also be used but only after consulting an expert astrologer.  

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