The Color Blue

The Color Blue

Has it ever happened to you that when you look at the blue sky, you feel an assurance that life is going to be good and things will definitely get better with time? This might be a result of the blue color of the sky that develops in you a feeling of trust and reliability. 

The blue color is a very serene shade that depicts loyalty, responsibility and honesty. It is not a color that demands attention but is rather happy to be in the background and enhance the beauty of a picture. It is something that shows that you are at peace with yourself and do not need any outer attention to satisfy your inner needs. 

What does the blue color represent?

The blue color represents self-confidence and security of your inner self. It is a color that leads to inner peace and relaxation of the mind and body. If you are facing a tough time, then this color will provide you with assurance that everything will turn right. It can lead you to the right direction when things get out of control and the only thing you need is peace. Consult India's best expert astrologers online right here! For details click here!

The color blue represents truth and serenity in a pure form. It stands for verbal expression that makes way for a one-to-one conversation. It is a color that motivates you to speak your mind and express your true feelings to the other person. 

It is a color that brings you closer to your spiritual self and helps you connect with the divine consciousness. The blue color always aims at diminishing the problems that you face by helping you relax your mind and relieves the stress that troubles you during challenging times. 
Also, blue is a color of trust and responsibility. It ensures that you become a trustworthy person and helps you earn the trust of those around you as well. It is a safe color that boosts your self-determination and ensures that you achieve success in all your endeavors.

But yes, this color too has its limitations. This color represents the past and connects the events of future and present to the times in past. It does not readily accept change and is not flexible enough to change as per the demands of time. It takes time to adjust to a new situation and only slowly and steadily accept it completely. 

The Positive and Negative Traits of the blue color

Here are the positive and negative traits of the color of blue:
The Bright Side: Integrity, trustfulness, extremely reliable, honest, responsible, idealistic, caring, devotional, peaceful, serene and calm. 

The Gloomy Side: inflexible, extremely emotional, old-fashioned, narrow-minded, unable to accept change readily, unforgiving and conservative. 

Various Effects of Blue color

There are certain effects of the blue color that can be observed very easily:

  1. It is the safest of colors and is very conservative in nature.
  2. This color needs time for analyzing things and works out a plan before proceeding in a specific direction.
  3. It favours tidiness and will always be prim and proper in every situation.
  4. Blue is a color that is not easy to manipulate, it will remain adamant on following its own way even when a better alternative is available. 

So this color too has its pros and cons and if you are very fond of this color then it is important that you use it only after careful consideration and deep thinking because rigidness favours you only to a certain extent as change is inevitable. 

Different shades of the blue color

The blue color comes in a variety of shades and every shade represents different things. Let us look at some of these variations:

  1. Sky Blue - A color that calms the senses and motivates you to love selflessly at all times. It will heal you and inspire you to get the better of your challenges and turn out victorious in the end.
  2. Dark Blue - A color that stands for duty and control. It shows compassion and wisdom and is therefore, often used in corporate places.
  3. Pale Blue - A color that promotes freedom and clarity of expression. It boosts up your creativity and inspires you to break free of the clutches that bound you. 
  4. Azure Blue - A color of contentment and satisfaction that motivates you to achieve the purpose of your life with great determination and enthusiasm. 

The blue color is an extremely powerful color that ensures that you get everything that you have set for yourself. It helps achieve greater things in life and inspires you to overcome your obstacles in a triumphant manner. 

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