The Color Black

The Color Black

Have you ever wondered why little children and many times even adults refrain from entering a dark place? Why are they so afraid of darkness? Well, the answer is the darkness is the color of black in the deepest form. 

Black is a highly mysterious color that shows secrecy and hides things from other’s eyes. It is believed that this color protects you from being vulnerable and saves from external stress as well. 

What Does the Black Color Represent?

The color black represents absence of light. It hides everything - your emotions, your feelings, your insecurities from the outside world and helps you in keeping your secrets safe. It protects you from the people who wish to manipulate you by knowing your weak points. 
The black color is a very secretive color that covers the truth behind the veil of darkness and absorbs all other colors of the spectrum. It is also known to be the color that represents power in its extreme form. 
It is a hindrance to communication because it shows authority that ultimately creates fear in the hearts of other people. Black is a color of discipline and self-control that does not wish to reveal its true feelings to others. 

You must have heard the phrase - “black heart” - a person with a black heart is one who never lets the other person know what they really have in their minds and hearts. That might be the reason why these kinds of people are not very friendly in nature. 
If you are someone who simply loves wearing this color then you might be a serious-minded and sophisticated person who prefers to have an elegant and mysterious look that intrigues people and boosts up your confidence at the same time. Consult India's best expert astrologers online right here! For details click here!

The Positive and Negative Traits of the Black Color

Just like every color, black has its own sets of positive and negative traits that depicts its true nature:

The Bright Side: On the positive side, black stands for strength, sophistication, protection, secrecy and discipline.

The Gloomy Side: On the other hand, on the negative side, black color represents depression, loneliness, darkness, dejection, seriousness, authoritativeness and sadness. 

Various Effects of black color 

There are numerous effects of the black color that can be felt in your daily lives just by giving a little more attention to the events happening around you. Some of these effects are:

  1. Absorption of negative energy - It is believed that black color absorbs negative energy and therefore, you must carry something black with you every time so that you remain protected at all times.
  2. The formal look - If you want to look dignified and sophisticated then you must wear black color suits and dresses as it will give you the perfect formal look and you will depict elegance in your appearance. 
  3. Being unapproachable - Too much of black color is unhealthy as it will make you extremely unapproachable and people would not like to talk to you at all. This may lead to a state of loneliness and aloofness. 
  4. A depressing outlook on life - If you are surrounded by the black color then it may show you only the negative side of life and you will always see the glass as half empty. You will develop a depressing outlook and will never find satisfaction in any endeavor of your life. 

Therefore, it is very important that you choose this color with caution because excess of anything can turn bad. The color black can boost up your self-confidence and independence but never let it make you aloof and lonely. 

Significance of Black Color in Astrology

As per astrology, it is said that the planet Rahu is a smoky shade of black that affects our life very strongly. But majorly the black color is associated with the planet Saturn. It is believed that Saturn has a ferocious nature and it can create havoc in a person’s life if it is not in a favourable position in their horoscope chart. 

But the truth is that Saturn is a strict teacher that punishes you for your misdeeds and awards you for your good karmas. The color black is said to be a calming color that can soothe the agitated Saturn and help in making your life better. 

This might be the reason that black-colored items such as black sesame seeds, black urad, shilajit, triphala, etc. are often used for pacifying an angry Saturn and reducing its negative effects on your life. 

Although some people also recommend using blue sapphire stone to please this planet, it is a very risky job and must be undertaken only after consulting an experienced astrologer who will give you the most reliable advice on such matters. 

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