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Consult with Online Psychic Reader through chat or call & get answers to all your love, marriage life, relationship, finance and career related questions by Expert Psychic Reader online. Talk to Psychic Reading Experts Online 24X7 from anywhere in India & abroad only at Astroyogi.

Dr Vashishth
Hindi, Sanskrit
Vedic Astrology, Prashna Kundali
  • 15 years
  • 1/Min
Jyotishacharya Yogendra
Gujarati, Hindi
Vedic Astrology
  • 20 years
  • 0.65/Min
Omesh Khanna
English, Hindi, Punjabi
Vedic Astrology
  • 17 years
  • 1.20/Min
Astro Deepa
English, Hindi
Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Vaastu, Prashna Kundali
  • 13 years
  • 0.65/Min
Astro Kummasani
English, Hindi, Telugu
Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading
  • 10 years
  • 1/Min
Aacharya Aaditya
English, Hindi
Vedic Astrology, Vaastu
  • 12 years
  • 2.30/Min
Astro Kalpesh
Gujarati, Hindi
Vedic Astrology, KP Astrology
  • 25 years
  • 0.65/Min
Rajdeep Pandit
English, Hindi
Vedic Astrology, Prashna Kundali
  • 10 years
  • 1/Min
Pt Banwari
Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Prashna Kundali
  • 33 years
  • 1/Min
Astro Srinivaas
English, Telugu
Vedic Astrology
  • 7 years
  • 0.65/Min
Srikant Rawass
English, Hindi, Marathi
Vedic Astrology, Vaastu
  • 20 years
  • 2/Min
Astro Vidyadhar
Hindi, Marathi
Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Vaastu, Prashna Kundali
  • 5 years
  • 0.65/Min

Customer Reviews

she always resonates with me. and such a humble person , thank you for your guidance

- V S. 28 May 2020

Ur remedy helped me to recover soon n it was a nice experience to talk with U.. Ur insights helped me see what are my capabilities n also Ur guidance made me chalk out a path of things to do.. very motivating session. TQ Tarot mee. Bless U

- J S. 24 May 2020

It was great talking to Mam, she has a magical and confident way of talking , quick in conversation . Feeling blessed to talk to her

- A U. 16 May 2020

Consult with Best Psychic Reader Online through Chat/Phone

Psychics are not magicians, they are not associated with witchcraft either. They are simply those who have the gift of sensing someone’s mind and pondering over their thoughts. It’s a subtle art which includes various ways in which your senses and emotions can be touched. A Psychic Reader can be an emotional healer too depending on their area of expertise and practice.

They are more sensitive to mind activities rather than someone’s physical being. Psychic Reading might or might not include any sort of medium in between. The medium in most scenarios is the person itself who claims to have Psychic abilities.

What a Psychic Reader provides:

A Psychic reader will use a person’s own emotions to answer questions and address the worries. They provide an in-depth answer after listening and analyzing your situation. It is different from any other sort of reading where there is a medium that answers. No one can learn to be a psychic. It is an intuitive quality. They connect with people on different levels and thus provide a personal outlook to all the problems.

A psychic reader can deal with not only one aspect but overall needs of an individual, be it love, relationships, emotional well-being, anxiety etc. They have a way of connecting with the person on a much deeper level which other practices lack, though not entirely. Most of the other kinds of reading like Tarot Card Reading deals with issues you are facing currently. But Psychic Readers let you even dwell in your past and inspect the future. It is a great combination of past, present and future.

Psychic readings have to do with relying on your own inner energy in healing people rather than using any other medium. A psychic reader might use tarot cards, tea leaves or other things to help the reading but they believe more on their own energies. Psychic readers are capable of giving a personal touch to the reading and not just give out general information. This gives the reading an extra touch of sensitivity. It is more of a one-on-one kind of interaction on a personal level.

Different type of mediums Psychics use to support their readings

1. Tarot Cards: The most famous kind of medium is tarot reading. Every card in the deck has a certain meaning. Tarot card reading is more informative than being interactive. They usually form a story around the cards you pick and come out with the best possible way to help the seeker.

2. Palmistry: Palm reading is a very old practice which is used to determine the basic outline of a person. Life span, career growth, love life, matters like these can be predicted by these sessions.

3. Numerology : The psychic readers who provide solutions using numerology, base their readings keeping the subtle art of numbers in mind. The numbers are used to determine the course of your life. It determines the energies revolving around. The birth time is taken to be very vital information. Numerology is also used to do love life readings.

Astroyogi has a huge number of online psychic readers who give advice using various mediums, by using their years of experience. They are the most trusted psychics from all over the country. With the team of some of the best psychics on board, it becomes easy to address different people coming with different anxieties.

For a Psychic reading to be a success for you, an open mind is needed. You need to surrender for some time in front of the reader and let them see the real problems you are facing, rather than being shy and diverting from the main concern.