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About Me

Tarot Arya is an avid reader and a spiritual seeker, always considering herself a learner who is acquiring knowledge in this world through experiences and interactions. She started her Tarot journey in 2015 and learned the divine art from renowned masters in India. Like every journey, she’s also had saving grace and pitfalls. Tarot gave her innumerable opportunities to create a positive impact on this world, and at the same time, it made her a better person by providing so much to learn. She believes that each of the roles we play on this world stage makes us better human beings.

As she meets people, talks to them, she feels that most of them lack clarity in their lives. It is not because they lack wisdom; rather, they are unable to connect to their inner self to seek guidance from within. A typical tarot session with her will clear the layers of confusion in your mind. It will make you independent in thought and action. She does not believe in predicting the future through the Tarot; instead, she considers it a divine tool to connect with the universe and seek guidance.