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Tarot Ddev

Tarot Ddev



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About Me

Tarot Ddev is a professionally trained Tarot Card Reader. He is also certified in Numerology, Vedic Astrology, MahaVastu, Yoga, Meditation, and Chakra balancing, among other occult sciences. Besides, he is also an Oracle card reader, a Spirit card reader, a Lightworker, a Healer, and a Pendulum dowser. He is an intuitive empath. He belongs to a family of astrologers and learned the art of astrology from several gurus and his mother.

Tarot is an art of intuition, interpretation and perception. He believes that the Tarot can help us understand our emotions, the meaning behind our words and actions, and the source of our conflicts by allowing us to tap into our inner core. He can help you with any problem in your life, whether it's love life, a career, spirit guidance, dreams, past lives, nightmares, or any negative energy that's bothering you. He believes that people only need a few positive feelings to make a world of difference in their lives and that this changes their lives so dramatically that it gives him true happiness to assist them.