Virgo Traits

Virgos are born between August 23 and September 22 and belong to the part of the zodiac's Earth element. Earth signs are strong, consistent, realistic and stoic. They're the backbone of the zodiac!
Virgos are blessed with a strong intellect and cursed equally with self-criticism and judgment leaning. They can transform the 'laser beam' of perceptiveness on anyone, anywhere, but mostly it's based on themselves (sadly). By nature, they are not their own BFF and it may take a long time for gentle Virgo to curb this wicked inner judge. That said, this perfectionism will propel them to heights of achievement, prestige and popularity that can only dream of other, more laid-back, star signs.
Virgo is ruled by Mercury (as is Gemini, and given Major differences these two signs actually get on well) and this makes them smart, coordinated, communicative and swift. They know how to show the world with a 'happy face.' Virgo is portrayed by the Virgin symbol, but this connection should not necessarily be taken as such. Rather, Virgos appears to presume some of a Virgin's virtues, stuff like modesty and morality. Some may find them repressed, but Virgins might argue that, as opposed to a negative, this is a noble attribute. Above all, Virgos loves indulging in their practical and rational side and poring to the nth degree over their projects.

Virgo Positive Traits

Virgo people are gifted with strong wisdom and are always ready to develop their reserves of knowledge. Mercury-ruled Virgo is the symbol of intelligence. They typically approach life in a structured way. They always make sure that they don’t miss any loophole behind.

A Virgo has an analytical mind where things can be seen in black and white. They should come up with answers to difficult issues. The close attention to detail before making a decision is what helps them to find solutions to problems. They've got a really smart mind. Before making a decision they must run through all possible elements of thought.

Virgos are extremely trustworthy and abide by commitments. One can depend entirely on them to execute complicated tasks with efficiency and precision because they are very rational. They will never let down their closest ones and give their best to satisfy the expectations. They'll be the first to respond to someone else's call, and the last to leave a situation when someone is in need.

Virgo is the perfectionist of all the signs of the zodiac. Virgos settle for the best. They are after excellence in everything they do, from work to hobbies. Trust, creativity and intellect are very appealing for them. Their ambition fits well with the practicality and critical thought. They can quickly find mistakes in anything they do and note the imperfections.

A true Virgo does not believe in living in a world of fantasies.

Virgo Negative Traits

Virgo is one of the few zodiac signs for which it is difficult to get along. Virgos are not always easy. They can be overly demanding and critical. This is because in their minds they already have a clear picture of how things should be done.

Virgos are too judgmental. They prefer to appraise and judge another person's life based on a single point of view. They don't want to look at a person as a complete entity. This provokes many interpersonal disputes.

Virgos are also known to be fussy because they get lost in the details at times. Their intense likes and dislikes make them very fussy with other signs that can be quite annoying.

Old School
Virgos are traditional and old-fashioned. They're not interested in the midst of technological change so they prefer things in their conventional old ways. Often they do behave pedantically.

Virgos take longer to warm up than others. In general, they are very slow in getting to know the people. They have an inability to commit quickly when it comes to job environments. Typically they commit, after a reasonable prodding and after enough time.

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