Virgo Weekly Horoscope

(Mon, Nov 28, 2022 - Sun, Dec 04, 2022)

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21/3 - 19/4


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21/6 - 22/7


23/7 - 22/8


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19/2 - 20/3

Dear Virgos, you will learn a lot of valuable lessons this week. You will emerge victorious among your enemies, which is going to make you a center of attraction. You have to learn a lot of things that are going to make you a mature human being. Your family and relatives will be supportive no matter what. However, they will also criticize some of your decisions in life. You need to remain strong and not get confused. Very soon, they will be able to realize their mistakes and join you to lead a better life ahead. Take your profession seriously and work hard. It is the right time for you to achieve success and gain recognition. Your higher management at work is looking for responsible people, so now is the right time to remain ahead of all others. Maintain friendly relations with your colleagues. Your financial condition is going to improve. You can invest in profitable sources of income but try to remain alert as much as possible. Your partner will be giving you constant support no matter what. Be grateful that you have someone so wonderful in your life. The last week is going to be a mixture of various events. You must find out what works best for you and live life accordingly. Make certain choices and decisions in life which are necessary as of now. Only then will you be able to secure a better life for your family.
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