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Pooja Vidhi & Its Significance

‘Pooja’ refers to all rituals and invocations intended to worship, or pay homage to a Hindu Deity. Apart from the many deities of the religion Hinduism also respects and adores nature, and all aspects of it, all beings, substances and influencing factors are personified and revered for the part they play in our life, after conceiving its importance. There are specific, valid, and in-depth reasons for each of these rituals which are performed. Many deities of the religion also have definite attributes and preferences, and depending on the deity, occasion and reason for the Pooja, its methodologies and rituals would differ.

One who is performing a Pooja should also be aware of the meaning and reason for each of these rituals to ensure maximum effectiveness. Ancient Hindu sculptures like the Upanishads and Vedas have mentioned the different types of Poojas and their methodologies. Kalpa Vedanga is an ancillary science which is derived from the Vedas and focuses on different Pooja methodologies and procedures, and the ‘Kalpa Sutras’ is one of the most elaborate and authentic scripture in this domain. These rituals and Mantras are so divine and powerful that they are devised to invoke communication with the Gods. The effectiveness and importance of these Poojas would be definitely felt by people who have practiced and made it part of their daily routine. Experts of the religion devise different Pooja methodologies for different occasions, for instance, 'Bhoomi Pooja' is performed before you start the construction of your home and 'Grah Pravesh Pooja' before moving into your newly built or purchased home. The ‘Sola Sanskar’ or 17 sacraments in Hinduism also have definitive rituals and ceremonies to be performed. Such elaborate and ancient methodology requires better understanding and indulgence of the practitioner to make it a spiritual and holy experience where you get in touch with your inner self and the soul of the Universe.

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