Shat Chandi Yagna

Shat Chandi Yagna

Shat Chandni Yagna is performed to seek the blessings of Mother Durga also referred to as Chandni. Performing this yagna can help clear any kind of hurdles and obstacles hindering your success. With this one invokes Goddess Durga and seeks the power to balance your life. The Goddess Durga can help you master your life effortlessly by giving you the ability to solve all your problems. It is believed that there is nothing in this world which cannot be acquired by worshipping Mother Durga.

‘SHAT CHANDI YAGYA’ is performed for the following benefits:

(1)- To procure comfort, happiness and prosperity

(2)-For removal of ‘state-fears’

(3)-For becoming financially strong and free from debts

(4)-For the welfare of the family.

(6)-To prevent all kinds of calamities and distress.

(7)-For success in all walks of life and for acquiring authority and power.

(8)-For providing strength to defeat oppositions etc.

Shat Chandi Yagya Havan is a very unique, rare and elaborate Yagna. It is an act of great merit and the Divine Mother bestows a lot of blessings. The prime component of ceremony involves a recitation of the Durga saptashati. These include about 700 secret and powerful mantras in praise of Goddess Durga in which she defeats various demons and blesses devotees with abundance of happiness, prosperity, health, victory in every aspect.

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