Laghu Rudra Pooja

Rudra or Rudram is the oldest listing of the various names given to Lord Shiva. The destroyer of all evil, known as the Supreme Power, provider for all the worldly desires, peace and fulfilment to your inners self. Lord Shiva is worshipped in his Rudra form during this puja. Through the chanting of this puja, one can invoke Lord Shiva’s many aspects and attributes.

One should perform this puja because in the Vedic scriptures it is known to be the greatest Pujas to ward off any evils and for year round prosperity. This puja is a remedy for any kind of planetary faults or doshas.


  • Health, wealth and prosperity
  • Success in business, career and any kind of relationship
  • Protection and relief against different kinds of diseases
  • Spiritual peace of mind
  • Ward off any negative effects of various planets
  • For Lord Shiva’s blessings


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