Navgraha Pooja

Navgraha Pooja

Navgraha puja has the power to counter any kind of flaws in an individual’s horoscope. In case of any astrological defects which pose as a hurdle to his well-being, this puja helps enable a person to prosper in life.

The homa is done to appease the nine planets i.e. the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Every planet has its own importance. Sun is the king of planets which gives health. Moon rules over the mind and gives success. Mars or Mangala provides prosperty and wealth. Mercury gives knowledge, Jupiter gives education, Venus gives the knowledge of art, music etc. Saturn gives happiness and also teaches vairagya. Rahu makes life stronger and Ketu brings prosperity in the family. The different planets or Grahas is responsible for bad times along with their position in the current time. Navagraha homam is used to remove Doshas or reduce the effect by appeasing these planets.

This puja is done to obtain navagrahas anugraha, even if they were placed in disadvantageous positions in your horoscope. By doing this puja, navagraha doshas are removed and good results follow.


In the most general sense of the term, this word literally means an instrument, or by that anything which is accomplished. But in the language of worship, it denotes that by which the mind on a particular object. It can be placed either in your puja room or can be even hung on a wall. The yantra used for worship is a diagram engraved or drawn on metal, or any other substance and it is worshipped in the same way as an image (pratima). There are different kinds of yantras used just like there are different mantras prescribed for different kinds of worship. Therefore, no two yantras look the same as their designs are based according to the object of worship.

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