Virgo Monthly Horoscope

( June, 2019 )

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You begin this month in the throes of lady luck. You may inherit some money. You are full of self-confidence, and romantically things are beginning to kick off for you. You are utterly practical in love, but this pragmatism hides a secret romantic, who longs to let go and be surprised. If in a long-standing romantic affair, marriage may be the natural next step for you both. On the 15th, the sun moves into Gemini which gives your career a boost. There may be some restlessness here. The desire to change jobs or expand your business may be on your mind, but any change will be beneficial. You may fall in love or meet someone who appeals to you. On the 2nd, Mercury moves into Gemini, which ensures speedy progress in the workplace. There are also exciting new opportunities. Look at the options and use what is best for you. On the 21st, Mercury moves into Cancer, which brings about excellent health and finances. You may receive a loan if you require one. On the 4th, Venus moves into Taurus which brings about friendships with people of all ages and levels of experience. If you are a woman who works in the media, you will be rewarded. On the 29th, Venus moves into Gemini which requires you to use more determination and concentration. This is not the time to lose focus on your path. Gemini can long for all the shiny distractions, but it is best if you be focused on where you are going. On the 22nd, Mars moves into Cancer which produces mixed effects. Remember, fate can be changedor influenced by hard work and awareness.
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