Virgo Monthly Horoscope

(October, 2021)

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On 2nd October, Venus moves into Scorpio. You will have an average form of enthusiasm, but luck will surely favor you. Work is likely to be delayed, but success will follow you soon. Make sure that you diligently work on your flaws for the time being. Your life partner will respect you and love you back. Be grateful for having such loving and caring people in your life. Try not to make hasty decisions, and all will be well. On the same day, Mercury enters Virgo. Name and fame will be part and parcel of your life. Focus on your work, and success will surely follow you. Think of innovative ideas to expand the business. Apply them in the right way to achieve huge recognition in no time. Professional people will fare well in their office. You will surely impress your seniors and colleagues. They will look forward to working with you on important projects. Your personal life will be exciting though you may face some occasional hurdles. The Sun moves into Libra later this month. Financial profit is highly indicated. High expenses can lead to an unnecessary draining of your income. Try to avoid them to ensure a stable future ahead. You need to invest more as you won't be able to save enough for the long run. It is an excellent time to plan your prospects in an organized manner. Pay heed to your words, or else you might end up hurting other people's feelings. You might misunderstand someone's noble intentions. You will enjoy good health, and try to remain fit. Mars advances into Libra on 22nd October. Harmonious life is indicated, along with a reversal of fortunes. Health will be good enough for you to participate in crucial deeds. Professionals will do better in their job aspects. If you are a businessman, get ready for profits making their way to you soon. Travel is indicated, mainly for professional purposes. Your partner will support you, no matter what. Try to cling to your compatible aspects to enjoy your life in general. Venus moves into Sagittarius on 30th October. Get ready to invest in a new vehicle or new house. It will be a wonderful asset forever. Auspicious events at home will entail you to do responsible deeds. Make sure that you amicably entertain your relatives and guests. It is a good time for pursuing education, especially higher studies. You are likely to receive considerable support from your friends. You will definitely find success in your tasks. You need to have patience and stay determined to succeed in your goal in life.
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