Today you may find that your feelings are growing for someone you met through your work. It seems like these romantic feelings are also being felt by the other person, so you have the opportunity to see what may develop from this relationship. Express your interest today and you may get some very surprising and exciting responses!
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Today promises the beginning of a romantic affair as you take someone special on a date. You should behave politely and courageously to impress him or her. Just be yourself and do not try to fool the other person as revealing your real self later could jeopardize the relationship. It would do a lot of good to you both if you remain honest and open-minded right from the start.

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Today in the world of romance you may be feeling slightly lonely. If you are single then you are likely feeling like you may never find your soul mate. Otherwise, you may feel like your partner has no time for you. Just try to relax today as these feelings and this situation are transient. They will both pass soon.
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