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( Sat, Jan 16, 2021 )

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You may give cause for someone to antagonise you today. Normally, when someone crosses your path, you can get really vindictive. It is well known that you make a delightful friend ,but a terrible enemy. The Moon in Aquarius could very well put you in a dilemma today. You will be questioning yourself if you are going to plot this ‘enemies’ destruction or you are going to forgive because it was after all your fault in the beginning? Remember Scorpio, the one who forgives, ends up buying his/her own peace of mind, is the happiest and also the bravest. We recommend the color purple for you; try to use this color to channel positive vibrations. 6 pm to 8 pm would be a perfect time to plan anything important today.
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Somebody at the workplace or amongst the relatives is trying to probe deeper into your personal affairs which does not go down well with you. You are a very private person, who does not like unnecessary intrusion into your life. While you are pretending to ignore those questions coming your way, the intruder does not seem to take the hint to back off. The Moon in Aquarius will make you react in a volatile manner with him/her, who will now be your adversary for life. You will make sure he/she will be very sorry for ever having made an attempt to intimidate you.

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You are passionate and faithful with those whom you trust but can badly sting those who cross your path. Your friends know you will always have their back.The Moon in Aquarius today will keep you in a very friendly and generous mood and you would invite your loved ones over to spend some quality time with them. Being financially stable is of paramount importance to you and you enjoy being extravagant and boastful about it. Today, you may want or even plan to possess some expensive thing to add to your material comforts. This habit of spending lavishly on things, becomes your undoing many times. Plan anything important between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm for better results. royal blue is your lucky color for today.
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