Scorpio Lover

Scorpions are considered to be one of the best partners on the zodiac for your passionate and unyielding nature. Yes, you make sure none of your lovers forget you!! To put in simple words, love is a serious business for you. There’s no middle way in it, if it is not replaced by love you make sure to replace it with hate. The initial rush of attention that you shower on your ‘object’ of desire is quite flattering and it is hard for anyone to resist it. Your magnetic charm will work on many and sweep them off their feet. But the problem here is you cannot distinguish between a passing affair and true love. You would like to disagree here like a typical Scorpion but the truth is every affair turns into a serious passionate involvement. Somehow your strong intuition fails you miserably when it comes to finding the ‘one’, true story.

Your partner can get ready to wine and dine in world class restaurants besides those wonderful gifts that you would shower them with. Your definition for true love screams ‘blood red passion’ if you think you found your soulmate, your passion will spill like something no one has experienced before.

You are notoriously secretive but in a mysterious way. You are a classic example of an exceedingly complex personality who will never share their true feelings and emotions until the other person is able to prove that he/she is worthy of your trust. Scorpions are also known to be loyal and faithful but yes there’s always a flip side to all these emotions. You find ways to be the one who is in total control of the relationship, dominance is your fortay!! You need someone who is physically and mentally strong to deal with your complex demands. You are not someone who can be easily understood, so some words of caution is necessary.

You can be jealous and possessive to the extremes it is not because you lack sense of immaturity or low self-confidence. It is simply because when you are in a relationship, you need every right to possess every aspect of your partner’s life. Some can find this need for possession quite alluring or it can be suffocating for many. You are known for your powerful perception through which you can pierce into what’s hidden in someone’s heart.

You make good parents but you can turn enraged without any signs of it approaching. Your children would want to avoid your unannounced wrath which often makes your relationship with them uneasy. 

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