Scorpio Professional

Needless to say Scorpions possess a magnetic personality which is the reason why many people are attracted to you, this quality also helps in your career. You are determined, ambitious and very clear about your goals in life. If you want something in life and you are determined to achieve it, you strategize about your plans in secret!! Secretive you are, your strategies will be hidden and not known to everybody. You are the master when it comes to planning and strategizing. You have the ability to keep calm even in the most drastic situations. You are patient and you possess high levels of endurance which plays a major role in deciding your success. Scorpions are known to be fiercely independent and for sure you don’t like taking orders from someone. You make excellent commanders and it can be in any industry even military.

You don’t like to be in the spotlight when it comes to your career, for you the real fun lies in wielding and manipulating power from behind the scenes. You are more inclined towards things that are dark or hidden and which requires you to cover a wide range of activities. For these qualities, you make good detectives, tax inspector, spy, police etc. You were born to lead, create, investigate, heal and touch. Your natural investigative qualities combined with your fascination for the mystical world also makes you attracted towards a career in psychology, research and pathology.

Science is another field which is best suited for you. You can do extremely well as physicians and scorpions are known to be excellent surgeons. Art, literature or journalism might interest you where you can do quite well.

You have good instinctive sense of what is right or wrong and so you can do quite well in business. As you like to be independent, business gives you the opportunity to work independently without the need to make you feel enclosed in any kind of confinement. You are blessed with the gift of the gab for which you are perceived to be effective speakers and you can turn into writers and orators, it just comes naturally to you. You do remarkably well in politics and marketing.

Scorpions are vindictive by nature, this can at times prove to be a major hurdle in your career. You hold onto to your grievances be it in your career or personal life, you should learn to let go. You need to remember that it is not possible to get everything you want. Your aggressive nature which hides beneath the cool and calm exterior should be controlled which can break its limits at times. 

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