Venus in Gemini leads you to an intense preoccupation with your partner especially their health and wellbeing. Mentally you may experience anxiety and depression. All is not well. You will also find it difficult to make decisions for your future and if your decisions impact others you will find it even more problematic to decide upon anything. On the 2nd Mercury in Cancer produces tension, obstacles in the workplace and an unromantic period as well as financial loss. This can be a challenging transit to weather. On the 17th Mercury moves into Leo which leads you to graciously accept new challenges at the workplace and seniors will be beyond satisfied with your performance. There are many new opportunities in your personal life as well as lots of excitement at what is to come. On the 16th as Mars moves into Aries, you may return to a place of worry and find that the fruits of your hard work are delayed in coming to you. Low self-confidence may be an issue so try to spend some time with your loved ones.

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