Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

( January, 2021 )

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19/2 - 20/3

Scorpio is a sign that longs to live inward where it can fortify itself and then seeks to enter the outside world to share the power it has accrued. This month, Venus enters Sagittarius on the 4th which intensifies the abilities of your mind and enables you to hone in on your creative instincts, especially those which have the opportunity to make money. Although you are a sign of transformation and therefore open to change, you also enjoy and appreciate material security. On the 28th Venus moves into Capricorn which can generate moods and temper. Trying to find methods to balance this energy will be useful. Light exercise can be useful for assisting with anger whilst sadness might require being close to bodies of water to recalibrate. On the 5th Mercury moves into Capricorn which triggers disruptions across finances, travel and relations with relatives. Try to approach things from a cool and logical perspective and be mindful of rocking the boat. On the 25th Mercury moves into Aquarius which encourages you to spend quality time with those you love, especially your mother. The mother is so important to the feminine energy of Scorpio. On the 14 the sun moves into Capricorn which reinforces you and pushes you out into the world. You will be drawn to crowds, gatherings and social activity. At work, nothing can rival your concentration.

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