Vedic astrology defines each hour of the day as ‘Hora’. Just like the western clock, there are 24 horas, starting from sunrise to sunset in the Hindu Vedic calendar. A Hora is of one hour duration in a day and is ruled by a particular planet and depending on these planets; horas can be beneficial or inimical.
Horas are used to plan an auspicious event, to have its maximum impact on one’s life and to avoid disadvantageous times for bad results. Hora charts are created when predictions are made at the time of birth of an infant or for fixing a time to undertake an auspicious event. Hora charts help to identify the strong and weak areas of one’s life.

Hora Today 16 April 2021,Ashburn

Day Hora

Venus 16:1 : 17:1
Mercury 17:1 : 18:1
Moon 18:1 : 19:1
Saturn 19:1 : 20:1
Jupiter 20:1 : 21:1
Mars 21:1 : 22:1
Sun 22:1 : 23:1
Venus 23:1 : 0:1
Mercury 0:1 : 1:1
Moon 1:1 : 2:1
Saturn 2:1 : 3:1
Jupiter 3:1 : 4:1
Night Hora

Mars 4:1 : 5:1
Sun 5:1 : 6:1
Venus 6:1 : 7:1
Mercury 7:1 : 8:1
Moon 8:1 : 9:1
Saturn 9:1 : 10:1
Jupiter 10:1 : 11:1
Mars 11:1 : 12:1
Sun 12:1 : 13:1
Venus 13:1 : 14:1
Mercury 14:1 : 15:1
Moon 15:1 : 16:1

Calculation of Hora

1. Baav
The calculations of a person’s birth or natal chart are done on the basis of Hora. One needs to know in which Hora they were born. People are born in either the Hora of the Sun or in the Hora of the Moon. Sun, Venus and Jupiter are the strongest planets when the Horas of day time are considered, while Moon, Mars and Saturn are the strongest when Horas of night-time are considered. Apart from these, Mercury varies depending on the time of birth. It remains strong when the time of birth is close to sunrise or sunset, but is neutral when otherwise.
Births occur between 0-30 degrees only and these degrees are further divided into two halves, each of 15 degrees. Natives of the signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are of the night Hora and are governed by the Moon. Natives of the signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius are of the day Hora and are governed by the Sun.
The chart is prepared based on all of these characteristics and once the planetary hours or horas have been analysed, it produces results in the form of auspicious and inauspicious times of the day for performing various tasks.

Significance of each planet in a Hora

Calculation of each Hora is done on the basis of planetary movements in order to plan the day and what things will be done in the 24 hour time circle. Each planet supports a particular kind of pursuit and gives paramount results when followed accordingly.

Sun - administrative, health, sports, government
Moon - domestic household, public relations, maternal care, social services
Mercury - education, information technology, communications, business
Venus - literature, social services, domestic household, arts, entertainment
Mars - sports, military, physical work
Jupiter - education, financial, religious, travel, maternal
Saturn - business, domestic household, cleaning

The Horas of the planets Venus and Jupiter are considered to be propitious to perform most activities depending on each personality according to their natal charts. On the contrary, Horas of the planets Saturn and Mars are considered to of circumspect as they bring along obstacles, pressure, stress and anxiety along with them in various fronts of a person’s life.

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