Ramzan or Ramadan 2022

Ramzan or Ramadan Date and Muhurat 2022

Ramadan 2022

Ramzan- 3rd April to 2nd May

Eid- 3rd May

Ramadan 2023

Ramzan- 23rd March to 21st April

Eid- 22nd April

Ramadan 2024

Ramzan- 11th March to 9th April

Eid- 10th April

Ramadan 2025

Ramzan- 1st March to 30th March

Eid- 31st March

Ramadan 2026

Ramzan- 18th February to 19th March

Eid- 20th March

Ramzan is the Islamic holy month of fasting by Muslims worldwide.

Although worshipping Allah or God, can be done at any time during the year and no special day is ear marked for this, but still every religion has set about a particular date and time for fasting and prayers so that it can bring about maximum benefit to the one observing the fast or praying. This is because one needs to be reminded to thank the Lord and not forget His innumerable blessings bestowed upon us, in our daily hustle-bustle of house hold tasks or earning of livelihood. We need to take out time to thank Him for giving us the gift of life, for the breath that sustains life, for the food we eat etc.Also, while praying we should hope that when our life finally comes to an end, and His angels come to take us away from this Earth, we are granted paradise. But, it is not easy to appease the Lord-He too, likes to test His disciples. Only those who please Him with their devotion are granted His mercy.

And so, in Islam, Allah is worshipped in the Holy month of Ramzan. Ramzan or Ramadan is the special month in which followers of Islam regularly do the ‘Namaz’ and keep the rigorous fast called ‘Roza ‘in which not a drop of water is consumed for straight 12 hours. Although people keep fast in other religions too, but during Ramzan, the Muslims keep this strict fast for 30 continuous days. At the end of 30 days, only after the moon is sighted, is the fast broken.


The festival of Eid is celebrated at the end of the month of Ramzan. Although, during the entire month of Ramzan, alms are distributed among the poor, but on the day of Eid, just before the Namaz is read, this practice is reinforced and alms called’Fitra’ is distributed because of which this festival is also called Eid-ul-Fitr.

Muslims believe that in the Quran, Allah commands His followers to pay the ‘Zakat’ and ‘Fitra’ before offering the Eid prayers of gratitude to Allah. 

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