Karana in Panchang

Karana is one half of a Tithi i.e., for every 30 in a particular month there are 60 Karana present in that month. Karanas are of two types: variable and fixed.

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Karana Today
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22 July 2024 |
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Variable Karans are 7, namely:

1. Baav
Those born in this Karana incline towards being religious and take an interest in being involved during sacred tasks. Honest, sharp, down to earth and determined, they give their hundred per cent to whatever they are asked to do. They keep themselves distant from unethical and illegal tasks. Because of these qualities people born in the Baav Karana are respected and loved by everybody.

2. Balav
A tad more into religious nature, people born in the Balav Karana dedicate most of their lives into undergoing and performing pilgrimage and religious activities. They are well-educated and lead a very successful life as their areas of interest include sports and other co-curriculars.

3. Kaulav
Those born in this Karana are extroverts and very social. People born in the Kaulav Karana have a huge circle of friends and they are very caring and loving in nature. These people are quite stubborn with high self-esteem and never back down from what they believe in.

4. Taitila Karana
People born in this Karana are very polite and fortunate. They have a fulfilling life and are successful in every aspect of their lives. These people give their heart and soul when in love and care for their partners with deep feelings.

5. Gar
The people born in this Karana tend to be hard working and dedicated towards every field of their craft. These people believe in their ability to achieve something and never depend on luck. People of the Gar Karana are proficient in agricultural and domestic work.

6. Vanij
People born in this Karana are smart and intelligent. They are wanderers and love to travel and explore new places. They are quite fortunate in their work front and make a business work amazingly. They are workaholics and their travelling also includes several business trips which they enjoy.

7. Vishti
Vishti Karana, in astrology is not considered auspicious and the people born in this Karana are considered to be sceptical and in extreme cases dangerous. The effect of this Karana is of malefic nature and the natives born in this Karana may engage in immoral activities. They won’t be hesitant to take revenge on their enemies.

Fixed Karanas are 4, namely:

8. Shakuni
Those born in this Karana are very composed and followers of the truth. These people are experts in resolving quarrels, driving away negative situations. They are intelligent and have the ability to tackle all kinds of situations. Their intuition helps them overcome any dilemma and this goes a long way for them in making life choices.

9. Chatushpad
People born in the Chatushpad Karana tend to be very religious and are deeply involved in traditions and rituals. People born in this Karana have huge respect for individuals with wisdom and knowledge and are animal lovers. Their fondness for animals is so strong that most of the times they decide to devote their lives into animal care.

10. Naag
Naag Karana in Astrology is treated as one of the inauspicious Karanas. People born in this Karana have difficult lives and are never the one to get anything easily. Their lives may have conflicts and difficulties. Luck has very little to do with their achievements and they have to work hard and depend on their ability to have success.

11. Kimstughna
People born in the Kimstughna Karana are blessed with fortune and luck. Their keen interest is in serving the people and they follow their passion and excel at humanitarian work. They are destined to go for higher education and will get all kinds of comfort and happiness in their lives.

Importance of Karana in Panchang

Choosing the right Karana is an essential part of finding the right Muhurta for any action or deed. Karanas help in determining the personalities of people.

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