Planetary Remedies

We all know that planets are the protagonist when it comes to astrology. These planets, their movements, behaviour and relationship with the astrological signs govern the events in the lives of humans. The impact of these can be both negative and positive. To deal with a negative effect there are remedies which are only available with expert astrologers.

The Nine Planets- Malefic or Benefic?

The nine planets and the remedies for the nine planets have their own distinct significance. It includes planets like Sun, Moon along with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu. Each planet has its own different nature. Based on which it is placed in the category of malefic (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) and benefic (Jupiter and Venus). Only planet Mercury is considered as the neutral planet.

An astrologer calculates your future by looking at the position of planets in the horoscope of the individual. Also, the 12 signs in the zodiac are governed by these planets. While all the dynamic planets in the universe have positive or negative effects in human life, planet Mercury gives inauspicious effects, irrespective of its presence with any planet. At the same time, the Moon is kept in both auspicious and inauspicious categories.

The Yantra helps to achieve resonance. It enhances the flow of energy, vibration and the effect of cosmos in sync to the body and helps to reach the deepest truths.

Planets and Their Relations Amongst Them

When the planets are sitting in a high position or with the auspicious planets in the horoscope, they bring fortune and good luck in the life of the native. On the other hand, if the planets are in an unfavourable position, the native has to face difficult times. Therefore, to keep off the negative impact of the planets, learned sages opt for means and methods to overcome the ill- effects of various planets through the study of astrology. The purpose of these methods was to end human suffering and improve people's living conditions.

Weak Planets Remedy in Horoscope & Types of Planetary Remedies

  • The Vedic scriptures mention various methods for wearing astrological gems, using mantras for the peace of different planets, strengthening good planets and balancing inauspicious effects.
  • Some easy and practical tips can help you overcome the negative effects of planets.
  • Different planets have different characteristics. Therefore,
  • If you make donations or recite mantras that are affecting you, it will help in leading your life happily and harmoniously.
  • Accordingly, several remedial measures have been suggested by astrologers of Astroyogi to reduce the negative effects of the nine planets.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Astrology can tell you remedies to remove hurdles in the horoscope but cannot prevent all possible harm.
  • Your karma only reflects the activities that happen in your life, hence the fruits of karma are greatest.
  • You need to learn from your mistakes and experience pain, which is considered true healing.
  • Although charity, fasting are more effective methods, it is necessary to do all these with responsibility and loyalty, only then you can see the effect of these measures.

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