Rahu Remedies

Rahu Remedies

Are you scared of the adverse effects of the malicious planet Rahu in astrology? Well, Vedic astrology has remedies to get rid of the evil Rahu’s negative effects.

Do you feel troubled with negative questions crossing your mind all the time? Does the fear of failure and disappointment constantly grip you? These are likely indicators of an afflicted Rahu in your horoscope. To turn a negative Rahu in your favour, you need to follow certain remedies for Rahu. 

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Let’s Understand More About The Planet Rahu In Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Rahu (North Node of Moon) is an imaginary, shadow planet without any physical form. The most mysterious planet of all, Rahu is a malefic (evil) planet, feared by many. Even though Rahu is the most destructive of all planets, it is often considered to be skilful and successful. A planet of illusion, Rahu causes a great desire to pursue excessive material comforts in life. Rahu is further characterised by an aggressive, mischievous, secretive and merciless nature.

Basics of Planet Rahu

Colour: Blue, Black

Element: Air

Day of the Week: Saturday

God or Deity: Lord Hanuman and Maa Durga

Metal: Graphite, Lead

Gemstone: Hessonite (Gomed)

Friendly Planets: Mercury, Saturn and Venus

Neutral Planets: Jupiter

Enemy Planets: Sun, Moon and Mars

Effects Of Good Rahu

Rahu is not always malefic as most people would believe. If it is strong in a horoscope, the native can fulfil his deepest desires and take his ambitions to great heights. It has the power to bring fame, success, wealth and physical beauty when exalted or posited rightly in a birth chart

Effects Of A Negative Rahu

Rahu is malefic if it is associated with evil planets or is situated in unfavourable houses in the birth chart of an individual.

  • Natives with a negative Rahu may not share a good relationship with their wives.

  • Huge financial losses may cause the native to settle for a lowly job.

  • Natives may face many hardships in luck, career, education and childbirth. 

  • A malefic Rahu may cause hypersensitivity, fear and anxiety in the person.

A negative Rahu may even cause health problems such as weakness, asthma, urinary ailments, cough, etc. Diseases like cholera, skin diseases, dysentery, constipation and problems of the uterus may also result from a malefic Rahu. It also causes suicidal tendencies, fears and phobias.

Remedies FOr Rahu In Vedic Astrology

Rahu indicates irreligious beliefs, adultery, faulty logic, sinful deeds, wickedness, royal status, pilgrimage, foreign residence, old age, poisonous snakes, reptiles, air, space, sudden disaster, difficult terrain and south-west direction.

There are certain remedies that can help to pacify an evil Rahu. However, the effects may vary in accordance with the planet it is involved with.

  • Praying and worshipping Rahu’s presiding deity Goddess Durga will please Rahu. Regularly chant the mantra - “Om Durgaye Namaha” 108 times every Wednesday. It will fortify the person to face the troubles caused by Rahu.

  • Donate products related to Rahu, such as copper or black sesame seeds on Saturdays to receive the auspicious Rahu’s blessings. These donations can be made to a temple or to an underprivileged person. Donating Rahu foods like garlic, onion and mustard oil can reduce the ill effects of Rahu and increase the planet’s energy.

  • To reap the benefits of a positive Rahu, chant the Vedic mantra of Rahu - "Om Kayanakshachitra Aabhuv Dooni Sada Budhah Sakhah Kaya Shachishthya Vrata" 108 times or more in a day.

  • Since black and blue are the colours associated with Rahu, donating black blankets to the poor is one of the best ways to appease Rahu.

  • Feeding black gram to birds, ants, and animals will also help to appease the evil Rahu.

*Remedies for Rahu must be performed only after consulting an experienced astrologer to get the best results.

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