Jupiter Remedies

Jupiter Remedies

In Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is synonymously called Guru or Brihaspati and is the planet of learning and wisdom. Considered to be the most benevolent of all planets, Jupiter is naturally associated with luck, wealth and fortune. The presence of this benefic planet has the potential to change people's fortunes from rags to riches. A highly spiritual planet, Jupiter helps us to tread on the right path and grow, and benevolently looks on as we flourish. It takes us from ignorance to the light of wisdom.

However, Jupiter at its worst can drive us to indulgence, lethargy and laziness. Let’s understand how Jupiter affects our lives, and also learn about the remedies for planet Jupiter. Consult India's best expert astrologers online right here! For details click here!

A Brief Summary of The Elements of Jupiter Are As Follows:

Colour: Yellow

Element: Ether

Day of the Week: Thursday

Metal: Gold

Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire

Permanent Home: 5th House

Friendly Planets: Sun, Moon and Mars

Neutral Planet: Saturn and Rahu

Enemy Planets: Mercury and Venus

Effects of Strong Jupiter

When Jupiter is strong, the person is likely to be blessed with wealth, spiritual success and progeny. One also tends to keep the company of good people.

Effects of Weak Jupiter

As much as Jupiter is known for its benevolence, Jupiter sitting in a weak location of a horoscope may cause the planet to become weak. A weak Jupiter can bring adverse results and misfortunes in the life of the native. Some of the troubles one might face due to a weak Jupiter are:

  • When found at a weak location in the horoscope, Jupiter can make the person poor in knowledge.

  • The native might choose the wrong path in life. 

  • A weak Jupiter may bring disrepute to the person, and their image in society may suffer.

  • The person may not be able to command the respect of their guardian or teacher. 

  • The native may also be devoid of wealth and children. 

  • People with weak Jupiter suffer from lack of confidence, faith and concentration. 

  • They tend to be pessimistic, materialistic and spiritually bankrupt. In addition, natives with a weak Jupiter may often face financial struggles in life.

  • A weak Jupiter may cause health issues such as diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and problems related to the stomach, liver, hips, and feet. Dryness of skin may also occur.  

Remedies for Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

You can strengthen your Jupiter and increase its power by following some of the remedies below:

  • Wear yellow coloured jewellery; gold is your best bet.

  • Wear yellow in your clothing on a day-to-day basis.

  • Observe fast on Thursdays.

  • Chant Guru Beej Mantra - “Om Gram Greem Saha Gurve Nama” 28 times or 108 times every day. 

  • Donate sweets or jaggery to people in a religious place such as a temple for Jupiter to bless you with knowledge and expansion.

  • Perform selfless service towards the poor or perform voluntary work in temples. You may also help any person in need, or help society at large. 

  • Donate articles related to Jupiter on Thursdays. These are holy books, yellow cloth or clothing, yellow flowers, turmeric, gold, etc.

  • Provide care for cows. This is also known to improve the Jupiter planet.

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