Mars  Remedies

Mars Remedies

Mars in Vedic astrology is known as Mangal and is the planet of passion, energy, anger, war, assertion and separation. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is considered a cruel planet. Mars represents the fiery colour red and is considered Earth’s son. It has also been considered a factor of might. It is believed that Mars creates disharmony in the native’s life when placed in a malefic position in the chart. If it is sitting in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 12th house in the horoscope of a person, then it causes Manglik Dosh in the horoscope.


Let’s find out more about planet Mars and ways to curb its adverse effects.


More About The Planet Mars


Masculine by nature, Mars is associated with courage, stamina and vigour, but when it is placed adversely in a horoscope, it may affect the native’s physical health. It blesses the native with muscular energy, athletic abilities, heroic valours in wars, stardom. It also rules over the animal instincts of man. The presence of Mars in the horoscope makes the native attractive and beautiful. When Mars is positive, the natives do not delay in making decisions and are energetic. They can face challenges and struggles in life with courage. The natives always support their siblings and family.  


The fiery red planet Mars also makes the nature of the native angry. Such natives get angry if things don’t act their way. If the person has bad effects on Mars in his horoscope, it can put the person in massive debt. This is why it is imperative to know Mars’ location in the horoscope so that you can take astrological measures to reduce the ill effects of Mars and its side effects.


But before we delve deeper into Mars and its effects, here’s a summary of the fundamental elements of Mars:


Colour: Red

Element: Fire

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Metal: Copper

Gemstone: Red Coral

Friendly Planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Neutral Planet: Venus, Saturn

Enemy Planets: Mercury, Rahu, Ketu

Lord of Signs: Aries and Scorpio


Effects of Strong Mars

A well placed Mars signifies prosperity and wealth for the person. It makes the native capable of handling leadership skills and indicates success in all the attributes governed by Mars. Being courageous, hard-working, and passionate are signs of a benefic Mars.


Effects of Weak Mars 

A weak Mars can bring adverse results and misfortunes in the life of the native.


  • A weak Mars in a horoscope creates problems in the digestive system of the natives, especially for hot and spicy foods.

  • Mars’ ill effects make a person with an emotional mess suffer from hatred for long periods.

  • Delay in marriage is also the sign of a weak Mars, though it’s not always the case as other planets may also be a factor delaying marriage.

  • A weak Mars also leads the natives to be obese as the metabolism is inefficient.

  • A malefic Mars also causes the person to become arrogant and jealous.

  • One may frequently get tired and exhausted due to a weak Mars placement in the chart.

  • Native with a weak Mars has a vulnerable constituency and suffers from low resistance to pain and diseases.


Remedies for Mars in Vedic Astrology

You can increase the power of a weak or afflicted Mars by following some of the remedies for Planet Mars in Vedic astrology as:


  • On Tuesday, the native suffering from Mars should recite Hanuman Chalisa (devotional hymn addressed to Lord Hanuman).

  • Another way to remove Mars’s adverse effects is to install the Mangal Yantra (Mars Yantra) in an auspicious place in your house.

  • Red coral is the gem of Mars for positive energy, so it will be auspicious to wear it.

  • Control your anger and do not get into disputes. Patient handling of married life and family life can lead to positive results.

  • Donating scarlet clothes, gold, copper, masoor lentils, Batasha (an Indian sweet) is considered one of the effective remedies for planet Mars.

  • You should eat sweets with brothers to improve the harmful condition of Mars.

  • Chanting the mantra “Om Bho Bhomay Namah” can help reduce the harmful effects of Mars.

  • Blood donation is one of the best ways to calm the energy of Mars.

  • Donate red-coloured Bel fruit (a native Indian fruit) to make Mars strong.

  •  Planting red flowers in your house may also make your Mars positive.

  • On Tuesday, feeding monkeys with jaggery and gram will also help appease Mars.

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