Virgo Baby Names

The famous William Shakespeare once said: “What’s in a name?” Although Shakespeare was recognized for his literary achievements that made him the best dramatist of the world,  his words cannot be held true when it comes to naming a baby according to the zodiac sign in which he/she was born. Astrologically speaking, a name actually defines the personality of a baby and is said to assure success in their endeavors.

Virgo kids are visionaries who look into the future and calculate the consequences of their actions before taking the leap. They are conscientious beings who are dedicated to their duty and are sharp-minded that makes them efficient in every task that they undertake. These meticulous individuals are extremely reserved in nature and when it comes to socializing, they make a shell around them that cannot be broken by everyone because it is very difficult to reach their heart.

Virgo Baby Names Start with the Letters: Th, Ta, Pa, Po, Pe, and Sh 

The babies born during the period of August 23 to September 22 have Virgo as their sun sign. Virgo depicts ‘the Virgin’ and the babies born under this zodiac grow up into calm and composed individuals. The names that best suit the Virgo babies must start from the letters Th, Ta, Pa, Po, Pe, and Sh.

Name Meaning Short List
Paavan purifier 6462 Baby Name Paavan
Pachai youthful, resourceful 6463 Baby Name Pachai
Pachaimani youthful, resourceful 6464 Baby Name Pachaimani
Pachaimuthu youthful, resourceful 6465 Baby Name Pachaimuthu
Padman lotus 6466 Baby Name Padman

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