Libra Baby Names

The babies born under the sign of Libra are peace-makers who try to balance out the scenario whenever things go wrong. Even at an early age, they try to pacify everyone and unite the family members in case of any dispute.

Quarrels upset the Libra babies to such an extent that they jump into the conversation to make themselves heard. They find it very difficult to survive in a family where people do not share a harmonious bond with each other. The well-mannered Libra babies strive for perfection and have an innate nature of pleasing everyone. They want to keep everyone happy but this often creates trouble for them because their conciliating gestures are seen as interference and their actions are considered wrong. They can never bring themselves to hurt someone’s feelings and prefer to remain quiet rather than stating their honest opinion and offending others.

Libra Baby Names Start with the Letters: Te, To, Ta, Ro, Re and Ra (H2)

The period that defines the Libra sun sign is from September 23 to October 23. The Libra sign depicts ‘the scales’ and the babies born under this sign are tactful and sensitive who socialize much and have an aim of spreading love wherever they go. The lucky syllables that work best for the Libra baby names are Te, To, Ta, Ro, Re and Ra.

Name Meaning Short List
Radhak liberal 6663 Baby Name Radhak
Radhakanta Lord Krishna 6664 Baby Name Radhakanta
Radhakrishna Radha and Lord Krishna 6665 Baby Name Radhakrishna
Radhatanaya son of Radha 6666 Baby Name Radhatanaya
Radhavallabh Lord Krishna-beloved of Radha 6667 Baby Name Radhavallabh

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