Cancer Baby Names

A name is an entity that a person carries from birth to death. It actually defines our identity and gives recognition to our existent self. Therefore, it is very important to name our children according to the letters pertaining to their sun sign.

Cancerian babies are highly emotional and sensitive beings who grow up to be legendary artists who are blessed with the traits of sympathy and warmth for others. Family-oriented by nature, they develop into affectionate individuals who wish to spend their entire life within the vicinity of a close circle of relations. They love to nurture the people who need their care and attention and this shows their commiserating nature. They are emotionally insecure and cannot survive in chaotic surroundings. Therefore, as a parent it is your duty to provide them a stable atmosphere where they get the space to enjoy their solitude as they do not wish to compromise on their privacy.  

Cancer Baby Names Start with the Letters: Do, Da, De, Ho, Hi, He and Hu. 

The symbol represented by this zodiac sign is ‘the crab’ and the period that covers it is from June 22 to July 22. Astrologers suggest that the Cancerian babies must have names that start from Do, Da, De, Ho, Hi, He and Hu.

Name Meaning Short List
Habib beloved 5752 Baby Name Habib
Hafiz protected 5753 Baby Name Hafiz
Hakesh lord of sound 5754 Baby Name Hakesh
Hamid friend 5755 Baby Name Hamid
Hamir a raga 5756 Baby Name Hamir

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