Scorpio Baby Names

It has been observed that the name of a child plays a vital role in the development of his personality and traits and also reflects his/her nature. Therefore, it is very important to name a child after thorough research on the meaning of the name. It is advisable to keep the name in accordance with the zodiac sign of the baby as it may bring good luck and fortune in their life.

Scorpions are exuberant beings who have the ability to attract people to themselves. The magnetic nature of Scorpions is a gift that builds up their social circle. The most distinct quality of a Scorpion is their secrecy. They will never let you know what is going on in their minds because they never reveal their true feelings and act in a calm and composed manner on the outside.

Scorpio Baby Names Start with the Letters: Ye, Ya, Yu, To, No, Na and Ne 

The babies born during the period starting from October 24 and ending on November 21, come under the Scorpio sun sign. The sign stands for ‘The Scorpion’ that defines the strong character and the emotional depth of these children. As per the suggestions by the astrologers, Scorpio baby names must begin with the syllables - Ye, Ya, Yu, To, No, Na and Ne.

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Name Meaning Short List
Nabarun morning sun 6306 Baby Name Nabarun
Nabendu new moon 6307 Baby Name Nabendu
Nabhanyu eternal 6308 Baby Name Nabhanyu
Nabhas sky 6309 Baby Name Nabhas
Nabhi focus; the best 6310 Baby Name Nabhi
Nabhith fearless 6311 Baby Name Nabhith
Nabhya central 6312 Baby Name Nabhya
Nachiketa an ancient rishi, fire 6313 Baby Name Nachiketa
Nadal fortunate 6314 Baby Name Nadal
Nadin lord of rivers 6315 Baby Name Nadin
Nadir pinnacle 6316 Baby Name Nadir
Nagarin lord of a town 6317 Baby Name Nagarin
Nagarjun best among the snakes 6318 Baby Name Nagarjun
Nagendra Seshnag 6319 Baby Name Nagendra
Nagesh Seshnag, Cosmic Serpent 6320 Baby Name Nagesh
Nahusha a mythological king 6321 Baby Name Nahusha
Nairit south-west 6322 Baby Name Nairit
Naishadh King Nala, a hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha 6323 Baby Name Naishadh
Nakshatra star 6324 Baby Name Nakshatra
Nakul name of one of the Pandavas 6325 Baby Name Nakul

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