Aquarius Baby Names

What happens when you start a new class and find that there are two other people with whom you share your name? You feel a bit uneasy because now you shall be identified with your surname. You feel bad that your name no longer belongs to only you and nobody would recognize your individuality on hearing that name. This is the power of a name and shows how much people are concerned about their name.

Aquarius Baby Names Start with the Letters: Da, Go, Ge, So, Sa and Se 

So, a name becomes very important and a baby must be given a name that best suits them. The babies born during the period beginning from January 20 to February 18 form a part of the Aquarius zodiac that stands for ‘the water bearer.’ Unique and unmatchable in their abilities and skills, these babies must be given names that begin with the syllables Da, Go, Ge, So, Sa and Se.

The Aquarian babies are way different from the children of their age. Their uprightness and fidelity are extremely praiseworthy because they are not the people who will stab at your back. If you have shared a secret with an Aquarian, then be assured that it will go with them to their graves. They never ever disclose anyone’s secrets even after you indulge in a huge fight with them.

Name Meaning Short List
Gagan sky, heaven 5675 Baby Name Gagan
Gaganvihari one who stays in heaven 5676 Baby Name Gaganvihari
Gajanan one with elephant face 5677 Baby Name Gajanan
Gajanand Lord Ganesh 5678 Baby Name Gajanand
Gajendra elephant king 5679 Baby Name Gajendra

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